Eve Esin Writes Special Letter To Fans And Politicians Ahead 2015 Election

imageNollywood actress, Eve Esin pleads with her fans to vote peacefully. Excerpts
Dear All,
As Elections 2015 beckon, my heart grieves as I daily read about the increasing spate of violence among youths; the uncouth languages of politicians and social media bickering among, otherwise, buddies over where the pendulum of power should swing.
It is 12 days to the presidential election and as we look forward to that day, I am writing to all my fans and Nigerian youths in general to go to the polling units to cast their votes peacefully and when the results of the elections are released, please, accept the outcome and move on. If you believe that your candidate was cheated, please, let them go to the court to seek redress. Violence will solve nothing. Instead, it would claim innocent and promising lives while properties would be destroyed.
To the politicians, I believe anyone who decides to seek elective position does so because they want to serve. If, for any reason, the people you aspire to serve turn their backs on you at the polls, please, accept this in good faith and gird your loins for future elections. If you feel cheated, kindly do the right thing by seeking redress in the law court and encourage your supporters not to shed blood or destroy properties.
Finally, February is a time to love and in all we do, let’s remember to love our neighbours as we love ourselves because each time we do, we make God happy. Thanks for being there for me; your love motivates me to keep giving my best. Keep loving right and keep buying Nigerian movies.
God bless you
Eve Esin

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