Ex-Bank Manager, Prince Oluwole Adebisi Ishola Assad, Becomes Ologba of Ogbaland

Prince Oluwole Adebisi Ishola Assad, a retired Principal Manager with the defunct Afribank Plc, is the new Ologba of Ogba Town.

The oba-elect defeated seven other contenders last Sunday to succeed Oba Sanni Asade, who died in 2014.

His victory coincided with his 61st birthday.

A member of the royal family and popular television presenter cum actress, Mrs Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett, who witnessed the ceremony held at the Asade Royal Palace, said the oba-elect was chosen after consultation with the oracle.

She said: “This is our tradition we saw at play today (Sunday). I am very pleased to be part of the process which used our traditional way of choosing a monarch. Everybody present saw how surprised the oba-elect was because he didn’t know that it was going to be him. The process was all done traditionally. People consulted the oracle in two places and the oracle spoke and chose the same person.
“We don’t have to get too civilised and too foreign and forget our background. When people from abroad say they want to tell us about democracy, they don’t know what they are talking about. We have been democratic before anybody knew how to spell the word.”

She praised other contenders for their spirit of sportsmanship, saying: “The other candidates were very civilised about the process. They might have been disappointed but there was no look of bitterness on their faces and they all congratulated him. I believe this is because they realised that the processes were transparent, traditional and devoid of any feeling that anybody had any special candidate.”

The oba-elect said: “I see it as an act of God. I feel highly honoured and the only thing I have to say is that I will not disappoint my people. We are lucky to have the kind of committee that handled the process. It is unprecedented in the history of Ogbaland. I didn’t see it as a do-or-die when I applied so I would have taken it in good faith if I hadn’t been chosen.”

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