EXCLUSIVE: Kogi Dep Gov, Yomi Awoniyi Battles for Survival As Plot To Oust Him Thickens

image…Gov. Wada Shops for his replacement
…Samuel Aro Rejects Wada’s Offer, Describes Him As A Failure

Barring any last minute change of mind, Kogi state Governor Capt. Idris Wada has perfected plans to drop Arch Yomi Awoniyi as his running mate in the yet to be scheduled gubernatorial election in Kogi State.

Sources disclosed to The ELITES that Governor Wada has mandated a special team consisting of his wife, son, cousin and chief of staff Nasiru Isah Adebu and the leader of a terror squad and serving member of the state House of Assembly, Mr Friday Sani Makama to shop for a new running mate with quality electoral value to replace Yomi Awoniyi.
It was gathered that the team, led by Makama, had already made the overtures to Hon. Samuel Aro, on Wada’s behalf.

However, the delegation got a shocker when Aro, reportedly, bluntly informed them that, even if Wada were acceptable among the electorate, he would never betray his brother, Awoniyi. He was said to have told them that Wada was not electable, and that it would be risky for the PDP at the national level to ignore the clamour for his replacement.

The team was said to have been taken aback by Aro’s defiant stance. Some members of the delegation event thought Aro might change his mind, since he might still be upset that he was replaced at the eleventh hour as Wada’s running mate during the 2012 elections and replaced with Awoniyi.

imageHowever, all entreaties made to persuade Aro fell on deaf ears. It was learnt that he even got angry during the meeting and threatened to send the delegation out of his office. Sources disclosed that a quarrel almost ensued between Makama and Aro. But the timely intervention of Aro’s security details helped to stave off the feud.

The ELITES gathered that Aro is bitter with Wada, over his poor performance in the state. He was reported to have described Kogi and Wada thus: “Kogi can be likened to a plane waiting for a Captain. In other words, the plane is idle and the pilot is idle too, as nothing is working and nothing is moving in the state.”

Wada, who was reported to have felt stung by the rejection and verbal bullets Aro shot at him, has intensified his effort to dump Awoniyi as his running mate. He is said to have beamed his searchlight elsewhere.

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