Facebook Messenger hits 900 million users

Facebook Messenger has hit 900 million users worldwide. The widely used messaging application has also announced that it is rolling out new tools to make it even easier for people to find and connect with friends and businesses.
People will be able to start conversations quickly and simply with the launch of Messenger Codes, Messenger Usernames and Messenger Links.
“Messenger Codes are the best way to find people in Messenger. People can scan one another’s codes to instantly start a conversation,” a statement by Idea Engineers, a PR agency for Facebook said.
“Messenger Usernames and Links are your very own personalized names and links to share anywhere online. Tap or click any Messenger Link to immediately start a thread with a person or business. Or when searching for someone in Messenger, search for their unique username to make sure you’ve found the right person.”
The statement explained that these tools make it easier to find friends on Messenger, but also make it easier for people to get connected with their favorite businesses on Facebook and Messenger.

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