FAJ Debuts Uncensored Weekly Radio Talk Show

The Vintage Talk Show with FAJ – an exciting, informative, attention-gripping radio show – will debut on Top Radio 90.9 FM on Saturday, November 19, 2022. The uncensored, talk programme, anchored by veteran journalist, author, and publisher, Femi Akintunde-Johnson, will air Saturdays, from 7 – 9 am WAT.

The phone-in show promises listeners animated, breezy presentation, live interviews on poignant topical issues including governance, entertainment, youths, sports, technology, arts, and other social issues.

The multi-segment talk show will feature one-on-one conversations and analysis by the host and guests – FAJ & Cohorts. The segments comprise Talking Point, Counterpoint, Global Trends, How Not To Critique, Life Matters, Let’s Rewind, Top Headline Reviews, The Greats, and Ask The FAJ. Listeners dealing with life issues and victims of abuse can tune in to Life Matters, while others will satiate their nostalgia with revelations on the whereabouts of their long-unseen stars in The Greats, among other juicy presentations.

‘Vintage Talk Show with FAJ’ aims to capture varied attention and will be engaging listeners simultaneously on social media platforms, with banter laced with music and humour.

Listeners can call in on the studio line, +234 809 670 2550 or send Whatsapp messages to +234 810 713 7559. You can also use #VintageFAJ on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook.

PS: To listen online, download TopRadio mobile app on any App Stores. Also available on Radio Garden.

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