Father Doubts Paternity of 35-year Old Son, Seeks Dissolution of Marriage

I doubt the paternity of my first child, a 67-year-old businessman, Mr Vincent Omojena told an Igando Customary Court, Lagos, on Tuesday.

The petitioner, who sought the dissolution of his 36-year old marriage with Mary, said he doubted the paternity of his 35-year-old son due to his wayward life.

“I do not believe my first and only son is my biological child because he always behaves in a strange, violent and irrational way.

“He smokes, moves with bad company and drinks heavily, most times, he does not sleep at home for weeks.

“My son always exchange fist blows with me, he punches me on my eyes or mouth, and sometime he lifts me up and throws me down.

“There was a day he brought out a knife, threatening to cut my stomach and remove my intestine; and my wife was there watching and praising him for his actions.

“My son threatened to burn down my house on two occasions, but for the timely intervention of the police that save the situation.”

He said that his wife, Mary, conspired with his son to damage his room and carted away his documents. “My son wanted to inherit my property while I am still alive; he and my wife burgled my room and stole my house and cars documents.”

Omojena said that his wife is troublesome, and begged the court to dissolve his 36-year-old marriage that he can no longer cope with his wife’s behavior.

However, Mary denied all the allegations, but said that her husband was a hot tempered man.

“My husband gets angry easily, he always beat me and the children on any slight provocation, he is violent in nature. ”

The mother of five said that she did not instigate their son against his father (her husband) that she always cautioned him anytime he erred.

According to her, she did not damage her husband’s room to steal documents, that it was their son that committed the crime.

“It was our son that burgled his room to take what belong to him, I am innocent.”

Mary pleaded with the court not to grant her husband’s request that she was still in love with him.

The Court President, Mr Hakeem Oyekan adjourned the case till June 22 for further hearing.

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