Fayose, A Stalker, Should Apologise To The World On Buhari – APC Action Group

imageThe Action Group of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has described Governor Ayodele Fayose as a political stalker whose actions should be viewed as a threat to the life of the APC presidential candidate, Gen Mohammadu Buhari.
In a statement by its spokesperson, Mr. Segun Dipe, the group expressed worries about Fayose’s stalking attitude towards the person of General Buhari, and asked Fayose to tender an unreserved apology for having the general on his death wish list.
Warning that Buhari is not just any personality on the street but a former head of state and a presidential candidate of APC, Dipe said everyone should have Fayose on notice on how his words and deeds have been threatening the life of General Buhari.
“The indecorous governor is bent on seeing the APC presidential candidate dead before the March 28 Presidential election, because his party is sure of losing the election, and he feels he will stew for it.”
“That a Fayose could be hounding Gen Buhari with death threat is quite unwarranted and unfortunate. He has sent spies after our presidential candidate and may soon start toying with the idea of snipers, that is, if he has not already.”
“That Fayose is fraudulent, corrupt, inept, indecorous and uncouth is not in doubt. That he is unambigous in his wish for Buhari’s death is not in doubt either. What is worrisome to us is why the twice-lucky governor should be trailing the general even beyond the shores of Nigeria, to ensure that his wish against him comes to pass.
Dipe hinted that his group was aware that Fayose in his desperation to see Buhari dead had travelled to UK just about the same time that Buhari travelled and had been trailing the movement of the general since then.
The spokesperson however assured that Fayose’s activities were also under close watch as he goes about devicing various means, including diabolical, of haunting General Buhari to death. The whole world knows the governor as capable of committing any crime under the sun with the belief that the present presidential might in Abuja and governors’ immunity would protect him. He wants to hold on to power by all means possible and he knows that an integrity-driven person like Buhari as president would clip his wings, Dipe said.
“Our group is calling on all well-meaning persons in Nigeria and accross the globe to call Fayose to order as his actions and words amount to not only wishing Buhari dead but driving the general to his death. God forbid.
“The group also calls on all sons and daughters of Ekiti who are desirous of rejecting the toga of indecorous and gluttony, which Fayose has brought on them, to come out enmasse and vote General Buhari in as president come March 28, as well as the the candidates presented by APC for all the other political positions at the polls.
A vote for APC is a vote against Fayose’s indecorous ways and PDP’s clueless impunity, Dipe said.

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