Fayose Dragged To ICC, To Face Charges For Murder, Gross Human Right Violations

imageThe Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose may soon appear at the International Criminal Court, (ICC) to account for alleged gross human right violations including cases of murder linked to his administration.
The Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC) said it has filed charges against the Ekiti State Governor at the ICC headquarters in the Hague.
‘We have filed charges against him. It took us time to investigate and put the papers together. He has to account for the murder of Dr Ayo Daramola, Tunde Omojola and a host of others’, the NHRC Director of Campaign, Mr Olubodun Olukoya told journalists in Lagos.
According to him, Mr Fayose is ‘an outstanding instigator of violence. He has been protected by an equally vicious regime at the centre. That regime will be out of power in May this year. With a progressive government at the centre, we can assure you that Mr Fayose will be dragged before the ICC to account for his long standing atrocities.’
The group said that the governor since coming to power the second time has been issuing hate statements and fueling violence along the pattern he ruled the state earlier. NHRC said ‘His first tenure recorded deaths of many people. He has not changed. The best way to tame him is to expose his crime to the international community”.
The rights group stated that as a build up to the Supreme Court judgment scheduled for Tuesday, Mr Fayose has been holding secret meetings with the hope of instigating violence, killings and deaths in a plot to give the impression that the people love him and are defending his mandate.
The group stated “We have a morally bankrupt person that leads a civilised society which he emerge to rule by riding on the back of a corrupt and anti-human system that has brought the image of his own people to an all time low”.
The NHRC also condemned the Saturday election in the state saying that the process witnessed ‘official corruption, legalised inducement and the conscious trading of the PVC for cash.”

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