Fayose Is The Sponsor Of Kidnapping In Ekiti, Says APC Action Group

imageThe Action Group of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that it has no doubt that Governor Ayodele Fayose is the principal sponsor of the renewed spate of kidnap in Ekiti State in recent times.

The group said the governor, who is both the Chief Security Officer and the Chief Criminal in the state, cannot deny his knowledge of and involvement in the kidnapping, which has again reared its head in Ekiti State, even when it has abated in other places, be it directly or precariously.

The group, through its spokesperson, Segun Dipe, recalled how Governor Fayose through his media goons had earlier threatened to make the state inaccessible for the APC Group of 19 lawmakers should they refuse to back down from their plans to impeach him.

Dipe also recalled that the APC lawmakers had equally raised the alarm over plot to use a stop-and –search security operation to arrest them and thus block them from impeaching the governor.

They also alleged attempts at kidnapping their family members, particularly their children.

Dipe recollected how the APC Action Group had alarmed and condemned the plan to kidnap the senator representing Ekiti Central, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, who was erroneously linked to the impeachment plan and how the group had called on the police and other security agencies to investigate the matter but nothing was done.

Dipe said Fayose knows where those being kidnapped are kept. “We were not crying wolf where there was none when a Senator-Ojudu look-alike was kidnapped by some roughnecks only to be released later when they discovered that he was not the actual Senator Ojudu they were looking for.”

Today, no fewer than six people are in the nest of the kidnappers as a result of the kidnap operations carried out in the various towns and villages within the state in the last three weeks without any known ransom demanded by the kidnappers regarding any of the kidnapped.

This has raised fears that they were either kidnapped for ritual purposes or to put Ekiti in a state of fair, and this has created sorrow and tears in the different homes where their loved ones are missing.

APC Action Group however asked the police not to look far in its search for the kidnappers and their sponsor, since everyone, including the deaf and the blind are aware that Governor Fayose is camping some thugs he imported into the state from various places, including Osun and Niger Delta in the government house and those ones are being unleashed on real and perceived enemies of the governor.

“We have a governor that is not afraid to do any evil. We have a governor that is impunity-personified. We have a governor who rears thugs and has turned the state to the nest of killers. We have a governor who barricades all entry points into Ekiti State at will. We have a governor who beats up judges and sends the house of assembly members packing from the state, thus turning himself to a paramount ruler.

“We have a governor who governs by brawn and brute without any respect for the constitution of the land. We have a governor who will whip up all forms of lies against those who call him to order. And we have a governor whose past points to the fact that he can kidnap and kill. So what other proof does the police or any security agency need to look at his direction for the culprits.”

Kidnapping was strange to Ekiti until the first term of the same Governor Fayose between 2003 when he became governor and 2006 when he ran away.

Between 2006 and 2014, no case of kidnap was reported in the state, only to resurface again with this second coming of the same Governor Fayose.

Meanwhile, the APC Action Group has made a clarion call to all well meaning Ekiti sons and daughters, including lovers of the state, to raise their voices in condemnation of the nefarious activities of the governor and his kidnapping team to stop putting homes in sorrow and the state in the news for all the negative reasons.

Should Fayose fail to heed the sane call, the APC Action Group said it would not hesitate to lead other like-minds in a protest match to meet Gov. Fayose in his office and demand for the unconditional release of the innocent souls he has been kidnapping.

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