Femi Fani Kayode: A Dead Heart From A Stinking Hate Campaigner

imageThere is no doubt that Mr Femi Fani Kayode is a well documented hate campaigner that succeeded in the promotion and protection of certain principles guiding an established dogmas ment to idolatred hate massages as weapons for ensuring an enduring political relevance within the Nigerian political landscape.

He was every where, jumping from one political train to the other, from PDP to APC, and all over again, ensuring in his path, a political character assassinations of his opponents using every available snares, blackmail, lies ment to ensure the survival of his and his political god fathers reign, looters to be precise.

You may not be wrong if you refer to Mr Femi Fani Kayode as a stinking all the way political harlot, already old in the game with a product no one is ready to patronize anymore. What is most surprising is his unremorseful audacity to instigate hatred among the Nigerian various ethnic group for his political self fulfilment.

This stinking parrot was reported to be mocking Nigerians yesterday, saying that,

”After rejecting Jonathan, Nigerians deserve Boko Haram bombings – Fani-Kayode ”

Kayode’s statement only exposed him as to like having a know how about this Boko Haram planned and deliberate coordinated attacks we experience these few days. While we Nigerians can easily forgive Femis ‘mocking of a mad man’ what we will not let go is the mocking of the dead who lost their lives and those Nigerians who lost their loved ones.

Please help me out, what do you think is wrong with this former UK taxi driver who has driven his only passenger to the under ground bunker built under the very volcano it was ment to protect from its ferocious lava melting down to the only entrance believed to be the only exit within the premises of the eruption.

This guy have venomously and deliberately maligned the names and personalities of the very respected of our political leaders, proven to be upright in their various public and private lifes within the context of the Nigerian Nation. On the same Boko Haram attacks Fani Kayode has these to say;

“resurgence of a clearly ethnic agenda which is designed to leave no-one in doubt about who really owns Nigeria and who the slaves are”.

What an irony, what could be the motive behind Femis ethnic sentiment ? what are the objectives behind this genocidal languages ? who is Femi trying to serve ? many questions have remained unanswered because femi never get tired of his charade, because he added;

“There are many other grave consequences which the Nigerian people will witness, in a most
harrowing and frightful manner, in the next few months and years.“

From all indication, Femi is only pre-emptying a well oiled and orchestrated conspiracy that is designed to farment a grevious consequences ment to deter and furnish us for choosing Change inplace of impunity and recklessness. He and his pay masters have from all indication concluded to caution us with some fearful, intimidating and calamitious pump actions so as to scare the hell out of us when next we choose to tore another line from the one we are all expected to take. These are some of the reasons why we Nigerians believed that Femi and his cohorts should be carefully investigated and equally prosecuted.

Femi did not stop there, he further accused president Buhari as a sponsor of Boko Haram that many Nigerians already knew it was their brain child for political gain.

In his Facebook post Tuesday, as reported by premium times, he said;

“Anyone that honestly believed that a man who secretly shares the same vision and core principles of Boko Haram and who spent many years defending them can do anything but give them a free hand when he comes
to power is living in cuckoo land”

What a defamation, President Buhari needs to take action because Femi may soon drags the president family to the mud if left unchecked, and it will be unfair to us Nigerians if people of femis nature are allowed to continually prosper to the detriment of our physic, inducing fear to our system while achieving political prosperity for their individual and collective gains.

These must change or else we also metamorphose into a Femi Fani Kayode with a stinking mouth full with verbal excrement directed to those pen robbers who have succeeded in making many of us Nigerian, destitutes and continued to make gains as political jobbers.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.

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