Femi Fani-Kayode: Defending The Faith or His Fate By Kunle Daniels

imageFemi Fani-Kayode finds his writing quill and voice only under two circumstances – when he is being hounded for corruption charges, and when defending any government that harbours his corrupt deeds. The president’s new ‘Man Friday’ (whose miraculous transformation from a criminal suspect to presidential campaign spokesman in one year testifies to the transformation agenda of Mr. President) is working extra hard these days, shelling, hashing and re-hashing stale, incoherent and mediocre tales that no reasonable person ought to give attention to, but for the purpose of setting the records straight, this piece becomes necessary. To begin with, I must note that FFK has a lot to lose if President Jonathan fails in his bid to be returned as president come February 14, 2015. He has a corruption case that can still be resurrected by the incoming regime of General Muhammadu Buhari, so his present reprieve is not a permanent relief. Also, the opposition would no longer open its doors to him considering his Judas Iscariot-like misadventures. This information gives a perspective to why FFK would rather die than see President Jonathan lose. Upon the successful negotiations that led to the dropping of corruption charges against him for his filthy farts in government, he started a nefarious campaign against the APC. His charge: APC is an Islamic party that was harbouring Boko Haram financiers and the party was working towards a Muslim/Muslim presidential and vice-presidential ticket. Fortuitously, the said financier followed his brother back to their party after their devilish acts to destroy the APC failed woefully. As a citizen of this great nation, one is worried that the Jonathan administration is being exposed as fickle, clueless and recklessly nonchalant on matters of urgent national importance. Only a government so described would have the privileged information of terrorists being sponsored by some opposition members and it would do nothing about it. Rather than that, Mr. Kayode and his people are giving presidential protection to suspected Boko Haram sponsors because they are members of their party! What a shame. Femi Fani-Kayode, furthermore, has been pontificating on why Christians should not vote for Buhari, basing his message on the ruse that the retired General is an unrepentant Shariarist. This claim presupposes that the claimer has a pristine hold on his faith; unfortunately, FFK is like the Pharisees of Jesus time, a painted sepulchre full of dead men’s bones. The blood of those who lost their lives because of sleaze in the aviation sector, which deprived Nigerians of requisite safety equipment under the FFK headship, are still crying. While General Buhari can stand like Samuel of old and ask ‘whose property have I falsely taken?’, I bet Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode can never make such statement, yet he claims to follow Jesus. While Gen. Buhari, a Muslim, can openly proclaim his faithfulness to his wife, Mr. Fani-Kayode, the copious scripture quota should please tell us he is a Saint in this regard, looking at his wife eyeball to eyeball. We should not be deceived by these Christians of convenience, clouds without water, all noise no substance. It is safe to conclude that FFK only dusts his Bible when he has to vindicate his fraud-forgiveness thanks to Mr. President or he has a self-glorifying appearance to make in a religious gathering. If Fani-Kayode felt so strongly about Buhari islamising Nigeria, why doesn’t he take the challenge of Christianising Nigeria as well? Christ taught us to go into the world and make disciple of all nations. Evangelisation, proselyting and jihad are forms of religious propagation, every serious religionist and even secularists engage in one form or the other, the only issue is whether it is done within the bounds of law and love. While I don’t have a right to judge any man’s religious convictions, it is appalling to see, however, some spiritually-base fellows using religion to further drive the nation down the valley of hate, distrust and disunity because of the filthy lucre they hope to gain. Such wicked souls should be banished from the society of free men, such men as FFK are exactly the false teachers we must avoid in the end times. On the issue of Muslim/Muslim ticket, FFK shows how Lilliputian he is among politically sagacious people. APC knowing that the ruling party had planted moles amongst it sold a dummy to them, they bought it and raced back to PDP to collect their wages of betrayal, lo and behold, God still had a stake in the Nigerian project and guided APC to make the game-changing choice of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, a tested and trusted Christian; a man without any corruption case after 8 years in public service and other positions of trust. This move stunned FFK and his payers, they are still reeling in their stupor as we speak. In the bid to cry more than the bereaved, FFK came to the ‘defence’ of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, claiming General Buhari ordered the seizure of his passport in the 80s. I’m sure the mention of Fani-Kayode would have made Awo turn in his grave. The patriarch of the Fani-Kayode family is the progenitor of all Awolowo-betrayers. The fiery lawyer sold out on Action Group just for personal gains. We would leave the dead to lay in peace, but must quickly point out that double-dealing, betrayal and hypocrisy is a legendary art that runs in the family. My simple counsel is that the Awolowo estate are happy that what their patriarch worked hard and prayed for in his lifetime is now becoming a reality in his death, an attestation to Awo’s noble and virtuous life on earth, so Mr. Fani-Kayode should not bother using that line to score another cheap point. As the mouthpiece of President Jonathan’s re-election campaign, FFK was challenged on the fact that he was attacking the personality of General Buhari rather than facing the issues that bother Nigerians, which are corruption, security, economy etc. The overly self-aware Fani-Kayode retorted: ‘The main issue in this campaign is to uncover the personality of Gen. Buhari’. With that, he has shown how narrow-minded he and PDP are to name a man so tainted with fraud and who speaks from both sides of the mouth, depending on whose honey he is licking. Rather than articulating his boss’ achievements and programmes, he and his minions are busy making a wild goose chase. In the final analysis, one only wonders the sort of person Fani-Kayode is, if, only a year ago (January 16, 2014), he could say this about his present boss just: The problem that we have is the president himself – a president who prides himself on his own weakness and incompetence and whose love of false prophets and strange women knows no bounds and has no end. A president who is as confused and as clueless as the comic character called Chancey Gardner in the celebrated 1970’s Peter Seller’s Hollywood blockbuster titled ‘Being There’. A president who does not understand the meaning of the word ‘class’ or ‘honesty’ and who breaks his own word consistently. A president who has abdicated his responsibilities, destroyed his own political party, divided his own country, alienated his own friends, humiliated his own mentor, abandoned his own people, brought ridicule to his own faith, cowers before his own officials, betrays his own governors, scorns the international community and BREAKS HIS SOLEMN OATH TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE. A president who does not even have the nerve or the guts to call to order any of the numerous Jezebels that control him. He is the problem we have in our country today and until he resigns, is impeached or is voted out of power nothing will change and Nigeria will continue to go from bad to worse.

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