Fidelity Bank Warns Trouble Makers Over Outsourced Staff

Fidelity Bank management has warned against the planned disruption of service and media attacks on the bank by some outsourced workers describing the action as unwarranted and misdirected.

According to a statement from the bank “our attention has been drawn to the planned disruption of services and social media attacks on the bank by a few outsourced staff who were recently recalled by their employers.

The move which is the handiwork of the outsourced staff who were on secondment to the bank as note counters, is aimed at casting the bank in bad light.

Their employers have confirmed to the bank that their recall was conducted in line with their existing contracts and according to extant labour laws.

As a responsible financial institution, operating in Nigeria Fidelity Bank is guided by the law of the land.

While we are not against the right to peaceful assembly, the planned action directed at Fidelity Bank, by this misguided individuals are clearly unwarranted and misguided.”

Fidelity Bank therefore, urged the public to discountenance” the falsehood and claims being circulated by them in the public domain.”

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