Final Rites of Ooni’s Passage Continues, Body Moved From Ilegbo To Ile Ase

imageThe final rites of passage for the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade, Olubuse II continued at the weekend as the remains of the monarch arrived “Ile Ase” in Ile Ife, Osun state.

“Ile Ase” in yoruba language means “House of Authority” and this ancient house serves as the domain where traditional rulers tap spiritual decree that they use to assert authority on the throne.

Late Okunade was said to have visited the house during his life time to get metaphysical powers.

Remains of Oba Okunade was said to had been moved from “Ilegbo,” to Obatala house called “Ile Ase.”

The monarch corpse had earlier been given a local embalmment at “Ilegbo” before being transferred to “Ile Ase.”

It would be recalled that, when the corpse of the monarch first arrived the “Ilegbo”, one of the deities shrines in the palace, the traditionalists said to have invoked spirits to appease gods of the land.

However, sources disclosed that, the traditionalists move to “Ile Ase” where the second rite will be performed after that of “Ilegbo” had been satisfactorily carried out.

It was further gathered that, few days would be used at “Ile ase” by the fraternity group members who would not release the monarch body until they finished with the expected rite to be performed at the inner sacrificial house.

The house said to be unique and symbolic in the sense that, all acquired authorities from these gods must be re-claimed from the dead body before being finally laid to rest.

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