Five Worst Hello Covers By Nigerian Artistes

In this article, Adeyemi Falade lists five Nigerian entertainers he thinks their covers of Adele’s hit track Hello are the worst.

“I’m a huge Adele fan, her first album 21 cradled me through my final year in school, so when she announced her comeback with Hello, I was ecstatic. It soon became the most played song on my playlist, but until the covers started flowing in; then barely hearing the word Hello made me want to rip someone’s eyes out.

Maybe I’m a little too dramatic, but you have to admit that the more the covers you listen to, the more you grow to hate the song, and none of it is Adele’s fault. Poor Adele. So I have taken it upon myself, to do what a lot of people have probably been too ‘polite’ to do, which is to tell our darling Nigerian artistes that their covers suck! Not to downplay people who are in themselves exceptional artistes, I’m going to narrow down my list of ‘sucky’ covers to the top 5.” So here goes…

“1. Vic O

I do not think there’s anyone in the world who can do a worse cover, or rather, sing as worse as Vic O; and for smart asses who will say ‘But Vic O doesn’t sing, he raps…’, it’s all one and the same. He should be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour by Judge Jazzy for this crime against music and humanity.

MC Galaxy
Doing a creative cover, is singing Hello the acapella style, or using a choir, or doing an acoustic version, or a rock version, or a jazz version etc, not doing a Sekem-ised version with shitty lyrics. Seriously, who does that?

Dayo Amusa
This is another example of people being so scared to speak the truth. That Dayo Amusa, who cannot yet be referred to an exceptional actress, will draw more attention to herself by taking up awful singing is beyond me. But it really isn’t her fault; it’s the fault of all the liars in the world.

Her version of the song was rather em….what’s that word Sean Tizzle used again o…’Weak’. Her voice just couldn’t keep up, and she ended up making the song Blehhhh…

For someone who makes a living off singing covers, I’d have expected that Praise would know when to sit one out. Instead, he wasted his awesome voice singing a cover for a song that could very easily have been his own if only he applied himself more. And to make it worse, he made a video. Oh Lord of Mercy.

Frankly, I think all these guys owe me an apology for ruining what would have been a beautiful romance with Adele, but since I know that’s not very likely, I’ll be satisfied with having spoken the truth. Even though some other artistes are probably still working hard at making ‘suckier’ versions.”

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