Former Lagos Deputy-Gov, Femi Pedro Calls Police To Arrest Actress Lover, For Bursting Tyre of His Benz On Location

…Demands For New Tyre


A former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Femi Pedro is embroiled in a face-off with his actress girlfriend, Yetunde Rachel Oluwole just as talebearers claim he has allegedly ordered a woman believed to be his wife detained by police for stealing from his wallet at a party. The former deputy governor in a swift reaction claimed it was a mistaken identity. ‘’That’s not me. It is not me. Get your facts right.

Pedro, according to a NOLLYWOODNEWSNOW’s reliable source had lent his silver colour Mercedes Benz 500 to his girlfriend as a prop on location of her movie currently shooting in Lagos.
The two-day shoot parading top acts- Antar Laniyan, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Liz Da Silva and Jaye Kuti among others was abruptly halted when the cast and crew were moving to shoot a drive scene with Pedro’s Mercedes Benz 500 and the tyre burst in Maryland, Lagos.

Lover girl, Yetunde
Lover girl, Yetunde
The accident, which nearly led to a complete loss of the car and lives, was averted as the driver was able to keep the vehicle going straight. When the incident which caught many off guard was conveyed to Pedro, the former Deputy Governor pleading with State’s Assembly to restore his position after his exit by impeachment, in clear terms told his girlfriend, Yetunde Oluwole to go fix a brand new tyre or meet him at the Area F Police Station. “We were all shocked to the marrow that he could say that to the lady. Can you imagine if lives had been lost, a source who overheard his conversation with the actress squealed to NollywoodNewsNow.

While our source insisted Pedro was involved, the former deputy governor in a swift reaction claimed it was a mistaken identity. ‘’That’s not me. It is not me. Check your facts.’’
Pedro’s action had not only stopped the shoot by Abbey Lanre’s crew, it is threatening the job of the former Deputy Governor’s driver of over two decades. He said he would sack the man who has been driving him for over 23 years without benefits.
Also the woman allegedly in police custody, according to sources, has been accused by the former Deputy Governor of stealing the sum of N200,000.00 from his wallet during a party they attended together in Lagos recently.

Speaking to our correspondent on phone, Pedro denied his involvement in the allegations and threatened to use the DSS to detain the reporter. ’’ If you write anything I will make sure I use the DSS to trace you. I have your number now and I will make sure they get you.’’

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