Former NFL Player’s Mistress Kidnaps and Kills His Wife, Then Herself

imageIn what sounds like something straight from a crime-thriller you’d pick up at the RedBox, the mistress of ex-NFL player Buster Barnett kidnapped and killed his wife before killing herself.

Sandra Barnett, who was married to former Buffalo Bills player Buster Barnett, was shot dead nearly 24 hours after being forced from her Ellenwood, Ga., home, WXIA reported.

The 49-year-old victim, identified as a middle school special needs teacher, had been heard arguing with a woman during a phone call with a co-worker moments before she vanished around noon Wednesday, reported citing a police report.

Barnett was reportedly heard saying “please don’t hurt me.” She also didn’t seem to know the person she was arguing with.

When a friend came by to check on her, Barnett was seen leaving in a Dodge Durango with another woman since identified as 46-year-old Lisa Brown [whom Buster had been in a side relationship with for several years].

On Thursday morning that vehicle was spotted near Waco., Ga., about 64 miles west of Barnett’s home, sparking a police chase when the driver refused to pull over.

Once across state lines Clayton County authorities say Brown stopped her vehicle along Interstate 20 and fired two shots, killing Barnett and herself in the vehicle, WXIA-TV reported.

“We’ve uncovered a set of handcuffs and some receipts,” Clayton County Police Capt. Richard Gandee told the station. “[Brown] had purchased the handcuffs prior to this kidnapping.”

Buster Barnett, 56, played as a tight end for the Bills from 1981 to 1984.

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