Former PDP Chairman, Ogbulafor Moves To Join APC, Holds Meeting With Oyegun

imageFormer National Chairman of Peo­ples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Vincent Ogbulafor yester­day in Abuja held a closed -door meeting with the leadership of the All Pro­gressives Congress (APC).

He however clarified that he is still in PDP but refused to rule out the possibility of joining APC in the near fu­ture .

The former PDP boss ar­rived at the APC national sec­retariat at Wuse 11, Abuja at 2.35pm and held a 40-minute meeting with the APC na­tional chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun. Neither him nor APC chairman disclosed the agenda of the meeting.

Ogbulafor who led PDP between 2007 and 2010 was famous for his boast that PDP would rule Nigeria for 60 years.

He was later forced to re­sign allegedly by the Jona­than led government over his comment on the zoning of the presidency by the PDP. He had said that power must remain in the North.

He later faced the court over some charges of finan­cial embezzlement. He was freed on October 2, 2014 by the court follow­ing the quashing of the case.

In a short interaction with newsmen after his meeting with Odigie-Oyegun, Og­bulafor claimed that he was at APC to congratulate its leaders on the victory at the recent presidential election .

He said, “ I am here to con­gratulate APC national chair­man for a job well done”.

He noted that it was grati­fying that an opposition party would defeat a ruling party commending Gen Muham­madu Buhari for his stead­fastness .

Responding to a question on why he should be visiting and holding a secret meeting with the leadership of APC , he said “ I just came back into town yesterday and I came to congratulate the national chairman of APC for a job well done.”

On if his party would be offended by the visit , Ogbu­lafor reacted “ How can they feel offended? I am still in PDP.”

Asked pointedly if he was considering joining APC, he responded “Not yet. Even if I will, not yet.”

On Buhari’s victory, he said he was happy that the General won the election .

“ I am very happy”, he said

Reminded of his statement that PDP would rule Nigeria for 60 years , Ogbulafor said, “Yes I said so. But when they dismantled governors forum, what do you expect?

He continued “ I am a Ni­gerian.” He dismissed fears that his visit might be mis­construed to be anti party by PDP

Ogbulafor said, “I am a Nigerian. APC has produced the president of this country and I have to congratulate him for job well done.” He insisted that he is still a PDP member .”I have been national chairman, national secretary and minister. I will remain in PDP until it be­comes necessary to make a change.”

On Abia governorship election , he said “When they conclude it you will get the result.”

Meanwhile, every effort to get a word from APC na­tional chair, Odigie-Oyegun who also emerged shortly after Ogbulafor exited the arena yielded no result as he jumped into his waiting SUV, beaming smiles, clear­ly dodged questions thrown to him.

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