Fresh Reactions Trail 2019 Video of Remi Tinubu

Fresh reactions have been trailing a 2019 election day video of Senator Remi Tinubu, having a conversation with some people, where she chastised south-easterners.

In the trending video, the senator, who is also the wife of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, said that the deities of Lagos will be called upon to chase out the Igbo.

She declared, “We will entreat all the deities of Lagos to chase Igbo people out. Igbo who didn’t marry Yoruba, we will inherit them. Given how much we love Igbo, you now want to spoil everything. You are not the only tribe in this place, Hausa are here, we accommodate them, ‘Calabar’ are here, we accommodate them. But Igbo are proving difficult. We will inherit you.”

Some tweeps have reacted to the resurfaced video. A popular tweep, Letter to Jack, said “Remi Tinubu is a senator of the Federal Republic, there’s no justification for her utterances in that circulating video. It’s hateful.”

“Remi Tinubu is a careless talker. If you understand Yoruba deeply, you will know the interpretation given to her words is not the actual meaning but she is a very careless talker for someone who is a politician. Mind you Remi Tinubu is not Yoruba”, Ayekooto said.

A tweep, Henry Okelue brought another angle to the conversation, saying, “You have turned that conversation upside down and misinterpreted the content. How can you say Remi Tinubu hates Igbos when in the same video she said ‘Pelu ba she nife yin to’ meaning ‘Considering how much we love you Igbos?’”

Debola Oseni added, “Remi Tinubu video is trending. When in the same video, she said, ‘Despite the love we have for you…others are here and we accommodated them’ but people choose to read a different meaning to all of the video. This is why education is important.”

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