Governor Mimiko’s Aide Assaults Female Worker At His Akure Office

MimikoAkin Akinbobola, an aide to Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State, may be in serious trouble after he reportedly assaulted one of his female workers, Funmilayo Alao-Kwabe in his office in Akure, the state capital.
Mr. Akinbobola, who is the chairman of the Ondo State Football Agency (ODSFA), allegedly gave Ms. Funmilayo a brutal beating after the two had a row over salary increment at the agency. The alleged victim heads a maintenance department at the agency.
An eyewitness told a SaharaReporters correspondent that theODSFA chair beat his subordinate so severely that he inflicted a serious neck injury on her.
Another source disclosed that the fight originated from the chairman’s sudden decision to increase junior employees’ salaries, adding that he then approved a N2000 increase for Ms. Funmilayo, increasing her salary to N42,000. The source, a staff of the agency, revealed that Ms. Funmilayo considered her pay increase too paltry. “She was infuriated and walked up to the agency chairman to demand an explanation. He got angry and began to beat her brutally,” the source said. 
Another source at the agency said the workers felt that Ms. Funmilayo was poorly treated. “Our Chairman [Akinbobola] increased the salaries of the junior casual workers, who were mostly in maintenance department, to N40,000 while that of their head, Mrs. Funmilayo, was increased to N42,000, just N2000 difference. This is what caused the trouble,” he said.
Contacted by a correspondent of SaharaReporters, the alleged assault victim narrated her version of events. She said she was angry about her small increment. After the chairman refused to take her telephone call, she said she sent him a text message asking for an explanation. “He called me after reading my text message and asked for the meaning of the content in the message I sent to him and I told him the meaning. I never knew he had an agenda in mind, he invited me to come over to his office and I went there.
“I got to his office and he started embarrassing me, [asking] why did I send such a message to him. During that process a lady came inside the office and I ordered her out because I was still discussing with him. But the next thing was he slapped me and beat me up. He pulled out some of my hair and nearly snapped off my head and threatened to kill me. During the fracas, he broke my neck and ran away after I collapsed on the floor of his office. I can’t turn my neck [any more].”
Some staffers at the agency alleged that the chairman used to date the alleged victim, adding that he tried to humiliate her because she broke up with him and had spurned all efforts to restart their relationship.
Contacted by a reporter, Mr. Akinbobola denied assaulting Ms. Funmilayo, insisting that she hurt herself while struggling with him. He refused to answer any questions about his alleged romantic relationship with the woman. “It’s a personal issue,” he said, adding, “Please let us end the discussion.”
The aggrieved woman’s lawyer has petitioned the Inspector General of Police over the case.

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