How Brave Rachel Oniga Dealt With Idumota Thieves

Eniyii Dupe Oshy

On a bright sunny day in 1999, Rachel Oniga breezed into Tenifab Films office off Allen Avenue, sweating. Asked why she was sweating, she narrated her experience at Idumota.

I listened as she recounted her ordeal.

According to Rachel, a guy suddenly snatched a gold chain from her neck during a traffic snarl while driving along the road. Her story as told to late Alhaji Fatai Teniola (Tenifab) however dazed me. Immediately the necklace was yanked off her neck, Rachel said she switched off her car ignition, left the car and pursued the guy. As expected, she couldn’t catch up with him, so she went to a spot at Idumota known as a regular abode of criminals. Rachel got there, reported that someone just stole her gold necklace and she would not leave that place until those she met there assist in getting the chain for her. She said the ‘boss’ then asked her, “Mama, nibo gangan ni won ti ja chain yen?”(Mama, where exactly did they yank the chain off your neck?” Rachel told him ‘at the foot of the bridge’. He then said, “Oh, Waidi’s team are those in that area. Sit down, we’ll get it for you.” The ‘boss’ then sent for Waidi. He came with one of his boys. He was asked about a gold chain operation recently carried out at the foot of the bridge, he admitted doing many. He brought out necklaces and showed the boss. The boss then introduced Rachel as the owner of one of the necklaces and said the chain must be returned to her with apology. Rachel was asked to identify her necklace. She did, but insisted it must be returned to her at the spot where it was stolen. The guy who stole the necklace was afraid. When they got to the car, Rachel asked him to enter her car boot, he begged, people joined him in begging Rachel. I asked her, “what if they had attacked you?” She replied me: “My sister, dem no fit, dem know say me gangan, I no dey joke with them!…”

Sleep well, bold, brave and beautiful Rachel. You came, saw, conquered. Your works will forever immortalize you. Adieu sis.

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