How Famous Ibadan Businessman, Mufutau Lanihun Died

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Popular Ibadan-based businessman and philanthropist, Alhaji Mufutau Ajadi Olanihun, is dead. He died yesterday, Sunday, March 29, after a brief illness. His death was confirmed to The ELITES by Bushirat, one of his children. The popular philanthropist was buried few hours after, according to Islamic rites. He was aged 69.
Family sources disclosed that Lanihun had just been discharged from the hospital, after battling an undisclosed illness. He was showing signs of recovery, and this was said to have put the mind of his family to rest. However, things took a dramatic turn when he took ill again and died few minutes after.
Until his death, Lanihun, the scion of the “Ori Olowo” family of Opopo Yemoja, was the Giwa Adini of Oyo State and Ashipa Bobagunwa of Ibadanland.
The popular businessman broke into economic reckoning in the late 80s and early 90s when he became a pioneer importer of second-hand electronic gadgets from all over the world in Ibadan. Through his importation business with his Mulan Group of Companies and Oluyole Nigeria Limited which imported vehicle engines for sale back then, Lanihun was able to pave the way for other budding business people. Fondly called “Olowo ti nf’owo saanu” (the merciful rich man) by admirers, Lanihun came from a line of influential businessman, being the grandson of Sanusi Giwa Adebisi, whose mansion in Idi Ikan is still a reference point in Ibadan.

Lanihun made a huge fortune from the business, establishing companies and he was revered for his philanthropic work, support for Islamic religion and education. He built several mosques, schools and shopping malls where his products were sold.

Olanihun was also a socialite until he withdrew from high profile public functions after the June 12, 1993 presidential election.

Lanihun was also known for philanthropy. He built the school which is today known as the Mufutau Lanihun College of Education, on the Ibadan-Lagos expressway.
On the social scene too, he was quite visible alongside friends like Alhaji Dauda Alade Omorilewa, Alhaji Rasheed Olawoore “Omo Oku Orun”and many more. Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister dedicated a whole side of his Fuji Extravaganza to him.

Among the early mourners is Alhaji Isiaq Kunle Sanni, Chairman of Muslim Community in Oyo State who described the deceased as a great philanthropist, leader and benevolent individual who would be missed by the Ummah.

“His contribution to industry and education in Nigeria will be remembered for ages. In his private capacity, he gave thousands of scholarships to the less privileged children and offered Zakah to others in need,” he said.

Olanihun is survived by wives, children and grandchildren.

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