How Fayose Reconciled With Estranged Aassociate, Aluko At Eko Hotel

Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose and his estranged friend and former Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, Dr. Temitope Aluko, have met in Lagos, to resolve their differences.

Both had been at loggerheads since 2014 when Fayose was re-elected. Aluko had publicly alleged that the election was rigged for Fayose with a huge sum of $37million allegedly released by the presidency.
However the crisis was put behind as the duo were seen coming out of Eko Hotel Signature around 11:30pm on Sunday, where they had both met to resolve their differences.
The parley was said to have been facilitated by the immediate past speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Mr. Dele Olugbemi, who was also seen with the duo, coming out of the hotel.
Aluko told journalists that he had come to see Fayose, whom he addressed as his brother, declaring that the misunderstanding between them was being resolved and that appreciable progress had been made towards achieving a lasting peace.
He blamed the crisis on interference and insinuations from some quarters, adding that the processes leading to renewed peace between him and the governor was being achieved without any string or condition attached to it.
When he was asked to explain his surprised visit to Fayose, Aluko said: “Yes, we had a wedding yesterday, and the whole family came down and we had all other well-meaning Nigerians, who also came around. And then in the last one and a half hours, I have met with my brother, Governor Ayodele Fayose, so we are resolving the issue, we have made appreciable progress and we hope and pray to God that there will be peace.”
He added that his new move had nothing to do with looking for positions in government but purely to bring about peace in the state.
“This is about misunderstanding, this is about talking together, this is about family coming together, this is about well-meaning Nigerians stepping into it and that is all we have achieved now,” he sad.
Fayose, in his response, said the reconciliation was ongoing and that significant progress had been recorded so far.
“In politics like the issues, we have to resolve the issues and we have made considerable progress like he said. His coming is to further strengthen the progress he is talking about and I am sure if this is not important, he won’t be here.
“He is here because there must be peace and I want to let you know that we have discussed a lot of issues. For him to be here shows that there is peace and that there is a step forward. Dr. Aluko came to see me after all the incidents for us to move forward. Like he said, we’ve made considerable progress,” Fayose said.
Fayose further stated that he remained the father of the state, saying, “Let me tell you, I am the father of the state and so whatever has happened in the past, I am the father and I should be seen as a father. I should see it as one of those things and accommodate everybody. If I leave him to the whole world, who would be there for him? Nobody. I am his father, I am his brother, whatever the past has held for all of us, I am still his father.”
When asked whether he had forgiven Aluko, Fayose reiterated: “You see, whether you are talking of forgiveness, Aluko remains my boy, my son. Like I said, whatever has happened, whatever he has said in the public glare, whatever you have seen, it’s time to move beyond that.”
The facilitator of the peace move, Olugbemi, said he decided to intervene in the resolution of the crisis in order to move the party in the state forward, describing the estranged PDP chieftain as a good fighter.


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