How Former Billionaire, Terry Waya’s Son ‘Dishonoured’ Fellow Big Brother Housemate on Live TV

The blogosphere is still simmering from the explicit entanglement between Big Brother Nigeria housemates, Kidd Waya and Erica. Late Sunday night, the two housemates went the whole hog after several minutes of caressing and canoodling. While other housemates were asleep, they dived under the duvet for a steamy session with Erica atop, humping, grinding and emitting intermittent gasps of ecstasy, while her black bra laid helpless at the foot of the bed. In another clip, Kidd was seen passionately kissing and smacking her bare buttocks for effect on the sofa. The word, ‘fingering’ is currently the number one trending topic on Nigerian twitter, a reference to the housemates now popularly known as Kiddrica’s (Kidd and Erica) under-the-duvet tryst.
However, those who know Kidd’s parentage are not entirely surprised at the fact that he can be daring enough to make out on live TV. He is the son of Terry Waya, a once-celebrated billionaire. A perfect chip off the old block, Kidd, a fitness enthusiast, shares a striking resemblance with his dad. In his heydays, Terry Waya was the life and soul of any party.
Described as being unapologetic about living large, he first came into public consciousness when he celebrated his 40th birthday at The Meridien Hotel in Piccadilly, London, on June 9th, 2001, with the high society of Nigeria shifting base to England to honour one of their own. There were almost ten sitting governors, many senators and ministers among other high profile Nigerians in attendance. 

Subsequently, the ostentation on display and the celebrant proper became cannon fodder for the tabloids in Nigeria and London. He was a very close associate of former Governor James Ibori of Delta State and his then Bayelsa State counterpart, late DSP Alamieyeseigha. So close were they that when Alamieyeseigha was arrested for money laundering having been found in possession of millions in British pounds cash, the Benue State-born Waya reportedly posted bail on his behalf before Alamieyeseigha bolted from the UK. 
Alongside his notoriety as the ultimate party organizer and rocker, the Versace designer-loving businessman also had his way with some of high society’s leading ladies. He was heavily involved with one of the flower girls of the society then, Eno Olafisoye, who ended up bearing him a son, Tera. They were never legitimately married but continue to co-parent their son.
Meanwhile, Waya was originally married to Susan, the mother of Kidd. Susan is a businesswoman, politician and philanthropist. She reportedly had separated from her diminutive husband due to his fast-paced lifestyle.
However, according to a report, Kids are witnesses to BBN inmates’ perversions. They watch it on the internet and read frenzied reports of goings-on in the show by mainstream and new media.
Desperate rationalization of the show however, ignore its imminent repercussions on society to focus on economics; BBN apologists drone about how lucrative it is. To whom? It’s the show’s producers and sponsors that pocket all the profit.
Even its N45 million winner-takes-all prize is devilishly exploitative on participants who characteristically become fame junkies and commercial sex workers by the end of the show.
They bend and break and distort into hideous forms in pursuit of the prize money. Such character is unworthy of young men and women persistently touted as Nigeria’s future leaders.
At a time when the country needs young men and women of unimpeachable character to wrest leadership from predatory leadership, the country suffers the preponderance of degenerate youth.

There is no gainsaying Nigeria thrives as a theatre of the absurd; where public officers frolic with and sexually abuse minors; where an elected governor feverishly seeks to impose his son-in-law as his successor in a state of supposedly free citizens; where a mystical snake swallows millions of naira from JAMB coffers; where lawmakers mortgage the interests of the state to fulfill their material lusts and nomadic herdsmen murder aged farmers, in order to take over their land as pasture for cows. Shame!

Source: The Capital

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