How God Healed Me of Total Shut Down of Body System – Prof. Fola Aboaba

Exactly two years ago, I suddenly found myself getting weaker and I was getting short of breath. Within a week, I lost 14 kilogrammes. So, we decided we are going to the top hospital around us there. We went there, we did some tests and I was told I had lump in my lungs and that we should watch it. I was developing temperature every night and it was getting near the time for Solemn Assembly. When I couldn’t bear it any longer, I said I should check my heart because my heart was beating so high with some hit. So, I went to a doctor friend who sent me to his special diagnoses centre where they tested me and took the result back to the doctor. He took one look at me and said everything about you seems to have shot down. The only result that saved me was that I proved negative to HIV. And he said when is your birthday, I said on March 8, at that time was about March 1. And he said if you haven’t sent out invitation, you better pack your luggage and go straight to a consultant in London. I said no, I have things to do even before then. So, as we’re going back, I said get Daddy oh, somebody get Daddy oh. We eventually got Daddy and met him at a certain place. And he prayed for me. I saw the concern in his eyes. At this time, I’d stopped eating, I couldn’t eat anymore, I was just on only fluid. Then Mummy sent me some pack of fruits, it was on March 2, I had to sing. I love to sing. On March 2 everybody said you better don’t just go and sit down, but I said Daddy had prophesied the previous year that I will be singing on March 2. So I went, I sang and it was glorious. March 8 came and I went through the birthday and the following day my wife bundled me and herself into the plane and we went to London.

When we got to London, we met the co-coordinating consultant and she gave me letters to so many consultants on Harley Street. Though it was cold and my wife was watching how they were puncturing my skin all over the place and the blood, testing me for sugar, because sugar was high, cholesterol was high, and there was something they said was also high which meant quarter to go. Everything was wrong. There was a day they gave me an injection and put me in something that looked like a coffin and said I won’t move for about 20 minutes. Then I came out, they gave me a slip of paper that anywhere I went in the next 48 hours, I should show them, this man is radio-active and I should keep away from pregnant women and little children. They tested my lungs, tested my heart and tested everything.

Before we left for London, I had a vision. I wasn’t sure I was sleeping, I was standing alone in a lonely place. I was shivering. A white car slowed down and stopped by my side. The man inside was wearing all white. He opened the door and pulled me in. I looked at the face and it was Daddy G.O. I was so weak, I put my head on his lap and he kept patting my back, saying it’s alright and calling me a certain name. So to cut the long story short, when the verdict came, the doctor said, let’s do one more test on you. I was on the couch and she tested my heart and said whatever that hit you must have hit you hard. All the results we have here show that there is nothing wrong with you anymore, and the heart is working so hard than that of 80 year old.

We just gave all the glory to God. My wife and I went to a restaurant and ordered the biggest lunch you could think of and I topped it with ice-cream, since there is no more sugar problem, no more cholesterol problem. I was free. We came back home. While we were in England, Daddy phoned everyday to find out how we were doing and faring, and in the background I could hear Mummy’s voice also. I thank you Daddy and Mummy for your love. Praise the Lord.

  • This article was first published in 2015

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