How Maheeda’s Father And Rapist Step-Father Produced The Queen of Eroticism By Paschal Chikero

imageNow we can start to understand the character called Maheeda. If you don’t know who she is, I will help you. Maheeda is a Nigerian who became notorious for sharing her unclad pics online to entice fans. She has done the unthinkable.

Last Sunday, as others celebrated their fathers, Maheeda took to Instagram to say she is not one to celebrate such since her real father left her when she was just 5 months old and to make matters worst, her step father raped her severally.

Her words: “Happy Father’s Day? Which father? The father that left me from 5 month old? Or the step father that r*ped me growing up ? F*ck the Father’s Day!! Not for me huh? Keep your wishes !!”
It is obvious that Maheeda had a rough childhood. She was sexually assaulted and abandoned by the men who were supposed to love and show her care. This would have affected her psychologically , this is what produced the bad girl we have today called the goddess of xxx.

An abandoned child stands up for herself, does anything to survive, Maheeda became a prostitute to survive then became a gospel artist which didn’t work out so she went into the online sex symbol business. A sexually assaulted lady will always use her sexuality to get her wishes having been taught at a tender age that sex is what reduces men to animals. wrote :

In general, childhood sexual abuse survivors tend to either pursue sex recklessly as adults or to forgo sex completely, says Stephen L. Braveman, MA, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Monterey, Calif., and the western regional representative of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. “They typically wind up with splitting behavior, where things become very black and white,” he says. “Either they are very sexually active, or they shut down sexually.”

After the Shock of Sexual Abuse
Some of the sexual after-effects of abuse include:

Limited ability to feel sexual pleasure or have sex at all.
Sexual promiscuity as a way of taking control of their feelings of abuse. Some studies have found that female survivors of sexual abuse are more likely to report having many partners over the prior year.
An increased likelihood of engaging in prostitution, unsafe sex, and risky sexual behaviors.
A tendency to “disassociate” from the body during sex, going through the motions but without any feeling. “They check out of their body and just wait until it’s over,” Braveman says.
Withdrawal from all social and sexual interactions, leading to isolated and lonely lives.

Maheeda is an example that must be used to fight against child molestation in our society. At least three million children are molested before they finish their 13th year.

***Written by Paschal Oge Chikero. Paschal Chikero is an Author, Founder of Chikero Online and also a Media Consultant. On Twitter as @SirChikero.

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