How A Raggedly-looking Chiffon Blouse Caused The Love Triangle Imbroglio Between Yetunde Oduwole and Baba Tee’s New Lover, Dupe Odulate

imageThe current love-triangle imbroglio involving popular Yoruba actor, Babatunde Bernard (Baba Tee), his former older lover, and London-based society lady, Yetunde Bustline Oduwole and his new wife, Dupe Odulate, was triggered by a raggedly looking chiffon top.

The feud has unlocked a series of secret videos, which Yetunde sent to Baba Tee, when their affair was on the brink of break-up. In the first video, Yetunde is seen crying, profusely, as if she has just lost a beloved relative to death. In the second video, she speaks to Baba Tee, asking him why he has been disgracing her before the world. She later launches into a tirade of curses and emotive invocations. The two videos have since gone viral.

Investigations have since revealed that the videos, and some other documents, were released by Dupe Odulate, Yetunde’s current antagonist. She was reported to have resorted to this means to expose the fact that Yetunde begged Baba Tee not to break up their affair. Also, the bank vouchers were shown to buttress Baba Tee’s claim that he had been fending for Yetunde, financially, contrary to her wife-spread claim that she was the one fending for him.

Baba Tee and Dupe Odulate
Baba Tee and Dupe Odulate

The ELITES gathered that the current feud started early this week, when Yetunde alleged that Baba Tee had transferred her “wardrobe” to his new wife, Dupe Odulate. She was more incensed to notice that he had been posting photos on Instagram. When contacted and informed of this development, Yetunde, reportedly laughed and claimed she knew Dupe had been using her personal effects.

Yetunde was quoted to have said she had moved on and could not be bothered. She however stated that she was a bit surprised that Baba Tee could give her stuffs to his new woman. When shown one of her tops the new lady wore recently which Babatee posted on his Instagram page; Yetunde screamed and said the top was truly hers; and it was one of the many clothes she left behind at Baba Tee’s house.

Yetunde disclosed that she had bought the old top in 2007; so there was no way Dupe would lay claim to the blouse in question.
Lamenting her fears Yetunde said, “Now I’m scared. A man who can give another woman his ex-girlfriend’s clothes to wear must be evil. I have been told that Baba Tee has been selling my shoes, clothes and bags which I left behind in the house. This new development of him giving my clothes to his so-called wife is crazy. What would he have told her? That he bought it for her? This is alarming!”


When asked to speak further on the steps she would take. Yetunde replied, “Steps to take? I’m too busy with my project to bother about them. If they need more clothes to wear; I can gladly give them because I can see that they are in need. The husband still wears the clothes I bought for him so if the wife now wears my clothes; good luck to both of them. Perhaps you should tell him to come and pack his rags in my house or I bin them because they are occupying space.”

However, in a swift relation to the allegation, Baba Tee’s new wife, Dupe Odulate fired a salvo, which she sent to Ladun Liadi’s blog. Her statement, dribbling with verbal acid, is hereby produced below, unedited;

“Firstly I will like to make it known what I do, I am a Civil Engineer, Graduate from Yaba College of technology in 2012,i am born and bred in Sagamu with a silver spoon,maybe she doesn’t know,she should go back and ask the Odulates’ . Evry bit of what I say here,i will back them up with a photo evidence. I have been going to London since 2007 even before babatee. I do my shopping in London,i don’t rely on men to pay my bills like Yetunde does. I bought that cloth from Debenham many years ago, then I use size 14, but the one I took was size 18 because I remembered I could not return to d ‎store to exchange it due to the time I had to run other things before I return to Nigeria, so I really don’t like to wear it. I am way taller and bigger than Yetunde. How can her cloth fit my body?, Is it as worse as that I can’t afford to buy clothes to wear?. Or will I even be so daft to wear her cloth and post it on Social media?(God forbid me wearing her clother)Hmm!, Yetunde is just an attention seeker, I can’t even wear used clothes, not to talk of wearing a cloth that a woman that bleached her skin had worn!

There is no single cloth that belongs to Yetunde in Babat’s house when I got there, Yetunde is a broke ass, babatee sends money to her monthly,she used to set up her kids to beg from babatee as well.I will also attach to this mail‎ photos of tellers used to make the payment.

Dupe's Passport
Dupe’s Passport

At first she called me a witch in several messages she sent to babatee,i was silent about it, Secondly she lied in her interview that I sent her threatening messages, i was only silent about it, now she accused me of wearing her own cloth?, what an insolence?, to me, its a great ridicule, my friends that read just laugh and told me u that we come to your house for shopping. hmm!,I could only wear the cloth now because I av gotten bigger?, Is Yetunde size 18 cloth ni?, where on her body will she put it? Or is d cloth made for only her?. Mine is Debenham and am not sure she can ever shop there,maybe hers is primark self or her usual online 5pounds store, I don’t know what she is feeling like. How can she claim she had a cloth from 2007 and I wear it 8years after?, Was she size 18 that I have 8years ago?. She should even stop the make believe thing,stop the fake life and live in a real world.she should just shut up and let us live. She is 44year,old enough to be a grandma self. She claims that she is not hurt about babat leaving him yet she follows our lives closely,that picture was only posted yesterday. I have a lot of things to nail her and make her rot in jail in that UK but I will just leave it as a warning first ,She should be careful as she does not even know who I am and what am capable of doing. She should not mess up with me.I know the dos and donts of UK and also know the dos she is not doing and the donts she is doing. Let’s leave it like that for now.


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