How The Ubahs Used Violence To Rig Anambra For PDP

Chief promoter of President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign NGO, Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), Ifeanyi Ubah over the weekend unleashed what his opponents called ‘his Terminator Agenda’ on Anambra state where he successfully reduced the election into a horror show.
Ubah seized and unleashed the state security machinery, including the DSS, Army and Police backed up by truck loads of thugs to lock down collation centers and proceeded to falsify voting records to allocate votes to President Jonathan and PDP Candidates across the state.
Ubah was said to have also had PDP Stalwarts like Olisah Metuh, Andy Uba’s younger brother, Henry with him when he invaded the collation center.
PDP bigwigs and businessmen, such as Nicholas Ukachukwu (Nnewi South) Ibeto and Ifeanyi Ubah were said to have resorted to intimidation at polling centers and changing votes with impunity after old women and men refused their cash entreaties meant to buy votes. INEC adhoc staff were paid cash in USD to falsify collation reports while those who refused were threatened before being abducted and held hostage until they agreed to falsify results.
A source within the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) said “voters in Anambra state are in a state of shock as the brotherly pact to vote Jonathan for President with the state’s party – APGA, is now like sleeping with the enemy. With Ifeanyi Ubah and Andy Uba, apparently no relatives but in a desperation to deliver Anambra State to the President and PDP candidates overran the collation centers in Anambra state with the thugs, Army, Mobile Police and all manners of intimidation including death threats.”
The source said one casualty was recorded in Ihiala and three seriously wounded person ended up in hospital over the desperation to deliver Anambra State to the PDP.
Another witness said Andy Uba in the usual Uba Mafia Style showed up in the collation centers in Anambra South with a retinue of thugs, Army Squad and Mobile Police, beating up opponent party agents and representatives and discarding official election result sheets with compromised INEC staff forcing down new results into the records.
“What’s at stake is the votes of the people who, disenfranchised with the likes of Andy Uba have come out to vote en mass to select new leaders and now their votes being discarded with intimidation and thuggery to cook up results to force their candidacy on the people.
“With this election, the people en mass rejected the renegades but with friends in high places, Ifeanyi Uba of the supposed “Transformation Agenda” has now hooked up with Andy Uba and the PDP and Security machinery to put a lock down on the state till they deliver a favorable result to the president and their candidates.” The witness said.

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