I Will Not Run For President In Future – Michelle Obama

imageMichelle Obama has told a crowd at SXSW festival that she will not run for US president in the future.
When asked about what she’ll do when her husband leaves office, she said: “You don’t have to be president to do wonderful things.”
She used the event in Austin, Texas, to talk about her Let Girls Learn campaign – which aims to help millions of girls get an education.
Alongside her on the panel were music stars Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott.
They were joined by songwriter Diane Warren and activist and actress Sophia Bush. “Empowerment of women” was the theme.

“If you’re a man at the table and there are no women around your table, then ask yourself what’s wrong,” said the first lady.
“There are a lot of men-only tables.”
Before the panel, she had written an open letter about changing attitudes towards girls.
Discussion of her project led to her discussing her childhood in Chicago.
When asked about the pivotal moment in her life, she described addressing the “doubters” when she was a girl.
“The expectations on me were limited. People were always telling me what I couldn’t do. My reaction was to prove those doubters wrong.”
Queen Latifah

imageWhen Queen Latifah mentioned that Michelle Obama’s time in the White House was nearly over she started singing “it’s so hard to say goodbye”.
She said the thing she would miss most about being first lady was meeting the young people she comes across every day.
Hundreds of people crowded into the Austin Convention Centre to see Michelle Obama speak.
Missy Elliot and Mrs Obama
As soon as she took to the stage, they all got on their feet with their phones out to grab pictures.
Aside from the cheers, there were emotional stories from fellow panellists too.
Queen Latifah spoke about two of her cousins who died of Aids in the 1980s and Missy Elliott praised her mother, who escaped an abusive relationship.
At one point the rapper said: “I never thought I’d be sitting next to the First Lady.”
Michelle Obama
We also heard about Michelle Obama’s love of music and how it has influenced her.

One of the biggest cheers was saved for Queen Latifah.
“When you remove a woman’s voice from anything – you are lacking.”

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