I Worked Very Hard For Buhari To Be President, No One Can Drive A Wedge Between Us – Tinubu

imageThe national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu has debunked claims by some people that there is division between President Muhammadu Buhari and himself. He said he worked very hard for Buhari to be president and cannot now be seen to be working against his effort. He said the story of differences between them is a perverse fiction and not journalism.
In a statement by the media aide to Bola Tinubu, Sunday Dare, he said, ‘the story first published on an online news site and later parroted by other online news outlet is an example of irresponsible journalism. This story has no source. It is a blatant fabrication to serve the interest of its sponsors. Tinubu has not spoken about the senate election. This story is a perverse fiction. Not journalism.
‘He has never said these lies so wrongly attributed to him. There is no chance he will ever utter such words against President Buhari, a man he worked very hard for to become president, along with millions of Nigerians who voted. Tinubu would not accuse the president of plotting his own injury. If anything, he is alarmed by how this may impair the government’s substantive reform agenda.
‘It is a mischievous attempt to drive a wedge between Tinubu and Buhari. There is no need to try to put words in Tinubu’s mouth. He will talk when and if it is necessary. His major preoccupation now is how Nigerians can support President Buhari and his administration to achieve the reform and change promised during the election.
Dare also debunked the story of the visit of Saraki to Tinubu. He said it is not true as Tinubu is not in the country and there is no way he will be in France and Lagos at the same time. He said ‘the story about Saraki visiting Bola Tinubu at his home in Lagos is a total fabrication. It’s a lie. During the time alleged in the story, Asiwaju Tinubu was overseas in France to condole a family friend. Thus it’s physically impossible for Tinubu to have received anybody at his home in Lagos.

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