Ibru Vs Ibru: Family Begs Maiden To Withdraw EFCC Petition Against Goodie

Members of the Ibru family have urged the widow of The Guardian publisher, Mrs Maiden Alex Ibru to withdraw the petition that led to the declaring of her brother-in-law Goodie Ibru wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
A statement signed by concerned nephews and nieces of the Ibru family (Peter Ibru, Paul Ibru, Mrs Avia Ibru-Eyoma, Jemilu Bawa-Kata, Akpofure Ibru, Chuka Okolie), said such is necessary to ensure the cord of love and Industry which binds the family together remain unbroken.
They urged Mrs Ibru to seek amicable settlements in all cases she instituted directly and indirectly against Goodie.
Part of their statement reads: “We the undersigned nephews and nieces of yours and members of the Ibru family … write because we are concerned about the lingering dispute between you and our beloved uncle Goodie Ibru and the companies he founded in which our family have substantial interests, namely, Lagos Sheraton Hotel, Abuja Sheraton Hotel and Federal Palace Hotel.
“We are also aware that arising from the petition filed by you and your son, Toke, our cousin, to the EFCC, the aforementioned companies and Mr Goodie Ibru have been the subject of relentless investigation in the last four years. This is unprecedented for a man who has never held any public office. After this exercise, we are aware that the EFCC came to the conclusion that this dispute was best resolved within the family in the interest of justice.
“The latest chapter in this unpleasant story is the October 12 public notice by the EFCC declaring uncle Goodie wanted. Aunty, the Ibru may mean many things to many people, but not criminality, not fraud! We can only praise and thank God for the intensity of love and concern shown to us in the aftermath of that most dreadful day; which, mercifully, helped calmed our frayed nerves and heal our heartache.
“You have accused uncle Goodie of appropriating for himself the wealth of uncle Alex, your late husband but nothing could be further from the truth. Uncle Goodie is a gentleman who covered your husband’s back as Uncle Alex did for him, and as in fact, all the Ibru siblings have been known to do for one another. Uncle Goodie is a good man who remains the last man standing of our first generation of Ibru brothers; after the passage of our older uncles, Felix and Michael this year.
“Before the bridge is broken irreparably, we urge you to please seek amicable settlements in all cases you instituted directly and indirectly against uncle Goodie. “Aunty, this is our way of doing things. Let it not be said ‘if a lion were not dead, a goat will not dare open the lion’s eyelids’.”

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