I’m Not Ashamed To Be Going Through A Divorce, Says Pst. Anita Oyakhilome

imageA life absent of love or care can be hard to bear. Abandonment and neglect in a relationship or marriage would be detrimental to anybody. The question is why did you hang on? People have different reasons for hanging on to an abusive relationship. However, if you are staying to keep the peace or trusting God for a change some day, when you discover the unbelievable truth, it will become obvious that you need to assess your value and self-esteem.

Tolerating abuse can rob you of your identity and you can lose your own personality in the process. I had reached the point of exhaustion, but thank God for the courage to move on against all the odds.

It is a great weight on your shoulders to live a false life with false impressions, possibly to get the praise and applause of people. I mean who do we impress with living a staged life for the world to see in public, but an entirely opposite life behind closed doors?

To love yourself you have to accept yourself for who you are, not claiming to be Mrs. Jones when you are Mrs. Brown or Mr Peter when you are Mr Paul. Be happy to be you and let others accept you for who you are.

I am not ashamed of saying I am going through a divorce and I have lived as a single mother for many years. I was never ashamed of it. Friends and family accept and appreciate me for who I am and they are very accepting of me as I am of them. Recognize you have value and you deserve to be treated with respect. You must first respect yourself to know when to walk away from people who make you miserable and stay with people who love, inspire and respect you. Feel beautiful without searching for peoples approval, appreciate yourself.

It is time to make something out of your experience, financial loss, the end of your job or end of a relationship, I might appear to have lost everything in one package but life goes on. I use this as an opportunity for growth, and self-discovery. To be put down by your parents in the past or a spouse should not control your future instead begin a life long venture of personal acceptance and self-love.

It is not a sin to love yourself, recognise you are God’s natural given brilliance. The moment you love yourself, your self-esteem will grow in leaps and bounds. Fall in love with yourself and never stop working on the best you can be.

Source: pastoranita.org

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