IN PICTURES: Meet Abimbola Sonde, The Lady Who Collected $20,000 For The Anti-Buhari Protest At Chatham House

image…Her Record of Crime In the United Kingdom
The lady who organised the rented crowd that protested at the Chatham House in London on Thursday on behalf of President Goodluck Jonathan has been uncovered.

Her name is Abimbola Sonde but she is known as Pweetie Goldie Abimbola. She is the founder of Crystal Lounge Foundation and she resides in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. Sources disclosed that Abimbola enjoys socializing and she is a a frequent club crawler.

Her rented crowd, most of who looked scruffy and rough, had protested against the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Major General Muhammadu Buhari.

Abimbola confirmed on video that she mobilised the persons who came to the venue in six buses. She said unlike Buhari, President Jonathan is a “heavy” spender.

Abimbola also said she could organise such crowd for anyone in need of such.

Asked if she was the one who pocketed the $20,000 budgeted for the rally, she simply laughed and moved on to other discussions.

On the video, she provided Manchester as her place of location in the UK. She owns a restaurant in Manchester known as Crystal Lounge.

The 32 year old Sonde has a history not too far from what she did for the PDP by hiring protesters to embarrass the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhamadu Buhari.

In 2014, she was fined £1,800 in the UK for dumping rat infested bags of curry and rices dumped near houses.

Abimbola Sonde was seen by council CCTV operators driving into a street and waiting while a mystery male passenger got out and illegally threw five black bin bags of food waste and packaging over a fence at 10.30pm on Thursday, June 19.

All were stuffed with the remains of rice and curry dishes from her restaurant business, Manchester Evening News reports.

Sonde pleaded guilty at a Manchester Magistrate Court and was fined £1,065 and ordered to pay costs of £634.68 and a victim surcharge of £107.

When interviewed by officials, Sonde said business was bad and she could not afford to pay for a trade waste collection contract.

She had been taking rubbish to the tip, pretending it was her own domestic waste, but a local businessman and one of her customers told her it was okay to dump the bags on the land, telling her the council would collect it.

She told officials: “I’m owning up to it. Honestly, there’s no argument. I know I’ve done something really bad from everything you’ve said so far.”

She added that she was ‘very, genuinely sorry’ and apologised to local residents, saying it would never happen again.


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