Inauguration 2021: Jill Biden Wears An Ocean Blue Coat and Dress by Markarian

Dr. Jill Biden Wore Blue at the 2021 Inauguration to Symbolise “Trust, Confidence, and Stability”. The custom Markarian look was created with a specific meaning in mind.

Dr. Jill Biden had an opportunity to set a tone for her term as First Lady with her clothing — and she clearly didn’t take this chance lightly.

Biden chose to work with Markarian — an American label from designer Alexandra O’Neill that prides itself on producing its made-to-order wares in New York’s Garment District—to create a custom look for Inauguration Day

In keeping with political fashion mores—both of First Ladies past and more contemporary figures—she opted for a matching coat and dress in a single, distinctive colour.

That colour was blue, and was chosen for a very particular reason. In a press release, Markarian explained that the outfit was made in various shades of blue velvet, blue tweed, silk, and chiffon in order to “signify trust, confidence, and stability.”

It wasn’t just the design’s colour that communicated a self-consciously staid, even-keeled control. The tweed set recalled the fashions of a previous political era—a simple, dependable look that has served the Queen of England for decades.

But, crucially, rather than go all-in on tradition, Jill Biden chose to enlist a younger designer—one endeavoring to find new ways of revitalizing American-made clothing—to create her look. Not revolutionary, not reactionary, but something in-between.

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