Inibehe Effiong at 34: The Man God Elevated From Obscurity

Today is 21st December, 2022 – my 34th birthday.

The story of my life in the last 34 years is one that can only be properly understood by those who are vested with the capacity to decipher the workings of providence and the trappings of destiny. I’m not scared, shy or ashamed of admitting that I came from an economically disadvantaged background.

It has been a journey defined by God’s enduring grace, courage, conviction, perseverance and a daring determination to be exceptional, successful and fulfilled in life, career and purpose.

The last 34 years of my existence has strengthened my belief in the efficacy of God’s unwavering Hands in the affairs of men. I have had to make certain hard and difficult decisions. Some of the decisions have had profound consequences for my life and future.

By this time last year, I never envisioned that I will have to spend one month of my life in the prison; not for committing any offence known to law, but for refusing to yield to the attempt to silence me from defending certain principles and values that every conscientious lawyer, and indeed conscientious citizen, should cherish. My incarceration was just an episode of my journey of destiny.

The attempt to break my spirit is not new. In the final analysis, it has always been the case that persecutions only emboldens my spirit.

As I reflect on my life in the last 34 years, I cannot but acknowledge the Holy One of Israel and the Mighty One of Jacob for consistently showing me love and mercy despite my frailties and sins. God is the reason why I am alive today.

What I endured and survived as a child bears testament to the fact that there’s a divine purpose for my existence. I pray that I fulfill that purpose according to the will of God.

I am particularly grateful to my dearest mother who endured difficult times to raise me. My mother single-handedly saw me through school. She’s God’s best gift to me.

My mother never neglected me, even when I defied her and abandoned my studies and luggage at Senior Science School, Ididep, Ibiono Ibom, Akwa Ibom State and rebelliously went to enroll (on my own) in a Community School because I wanted to be a lawyer, and not what Mum wanted, she still loved and cared completely for me. The good news is that she’s very proud of her son’s decision today, (Lol).

I am also grateful to my brothers and my entire family, my friends, colleagues, clients, associates, fans, supporters, critics, opponents and every single person that has been part of my success story in the last 34 years.

It has been obvious over the years, that every year of my life on earth is always better than the previous one. I hope that when I’ll be marking my 35th birthday by December 21, 2023, my life will have more laurels to showcase and be thankful for.

But one thing is certain, I will continue to devote my life to the causes that I am known for, to speak the truth, defend the rule of law and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves as much as I am able to.

I am the man that God elevated from obscurity.

History will vindicate the just.

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