Irate Protesters Attack Suswam’s Residence, Over Kidnap of College Provost

imageStudents of the College of Education, Katsina-Ala Wednesday took to the streets of Katsina-Ala town causing mayhem and public unrest in protest of the alleged Kidnap of their provost, Dr. Hans Senwua.

According to findings, the students alleged that Dr. Senwua was kidnapped by unknown persons suspected to be thugs working for the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ).

The students, who took to the streets in the morning, attacked the police station in the town, looted shops and shot sporadically into the air.

In the ensuing mayhem, Governor Gabriel Suswam’s private residence in Katsina-Ala was also attacked, but the timely intervention of security agencies saved the day. However, the building was slightly damaged by the protesters who accused Suswam of having a hand in the kidnap.

Some of the billboards belonging to PDP candidates were also destroyed by the protesters.

Meanwhile, Suswam, who was reported to have spent the night at Katsina-Ala, sneaked out of the town in the morning before the mayhem began.

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