Jonathan Is An Unintelligent Thug- Senator Waku

imageSenator Joseph Waku, a chieftain of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has described President Goodluck Jonathan as a thug, unintelligent, estranged from reality and out of ideas.

“I spent about one hour listening to my President soliciting for votes from Nigerians. All I could deduce is that the man is out of ideas, out of touch and he will soon be out of power.

“Above all, I discovered that he himself is a thug rather than saying Obasanjo looks like one, behaves or acts like a thug. He did not speak the way a President should speak,” Waku thundered in an interview publsihed by THE NATION on Friday.

Waku, who is also a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), said Jonathan’s utterances at campaign rallies have exposed him as a man that is out of touch and ideas.

The ACF chieftain urged Nigerians to elect a civilised and cultured president as a replacement for Jonathan, whom he accused of abusing leaders that have made the country survive him to benefit from.

On Jonathan’s allegation that General Muhammadu Buhari, APC presidential candidate, neglected the military when he served as head of state in the 80s, Waku said the President’s claim exposes him as unintelligent. “That is to show you clearly that the man is not intelligent. Buhari spent 18 months in office and Jonathan has spent six years.

“What Buhari achieved, even as a GOC, Jonathan has not achieved as the President. When Chad invaded Nigerian territory during the Shagari administration, Buhari moved in and recaptured the villages and even went ahead to seize some Cameroonian villages.

“He (Jonathan) is just not informed. As President, you don’t rule the country by emotions. You rule with fact and articulate position. Do you compare somebody who ruled for 18 months with that who has ruled for six years? Even the budget preparation, how long does it take? “Even Buhari had bought weapons for the military then, how useful would they have been now?

“So, you can clearly see Nigeria’s misfortune, by bringing somebody who has no idea of governance into a training school.

“Nigeria is no longer about training people to rule. We have gotten to the position where we need people with lots of experience, especially in a situation like this when the nation is about collapsing under a novice,” he blasted.

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