Jonathan Tongue Lashes Olisa Metuh, Says He Should Grow Up and Stop Misbehaving

…How Mu’azu and Metuh Held Jonathan Hostage and “Conned” Billions Out of Him

imageimageNigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan may have weighed in heavily on the ongoing bickering between the warring parties in the People Democratic Party, PDP.

According to sources, the President was angered by the latest press outings by the party’s Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in which he was quoted to have claimed that the President was responsible for his defeat at the polls and not the party. Metuh was quoted to have said that the President failed to finance the publicity secretary’s office during the presidential elections.

“President Jonathan tongue-lashed Metuh at the meeting a few days ago” said the Aso Rock source who, added that the President spoke in very angry tone for over 30 minutes – while pointing at Metuh and mandating him to return to work and stop the bickering. The President was said to have compared Metuh’s behavior to that of a child who builds a play house in the morning only to destroy it in the evening. “Olisa Metuh was shocked and shaking as he absorbed the tongue lashing.”

After the meeting, the embattled publicity secretary was told to return to the press to repair the damages that his ‘foolishness’ had caused. Olisa Metuh agreed and returned to work – and immediately penned a press release stating that the PDP has overcome the trauma of the presidential election loss.

The publicity secretary is reported by other sources to not be off the hook. “Olisa Metuh remains on the chopping table” and will be forced out if he chooses not to resign, the source notes as he went to say that another high level meeting is scheduled, where the ongoing imbroglio within the PDP will be discussed and decisions will be taken.

The source, however, reveals that the last shoe will drop following the meeting scheduled for May 13 – where the President, Vice President, all PDP governors, and other important personalities to the party will be in attendance. The final decision to flush out the national working committee will be taken at the meeting – and immediate implementation steps will be taken.

But an aide from the office of the party’s Publicity Secretary denied that the president tongue lashed Olisa Metuh. “The President only asked that all sword sheathed“. According to the aide, a committee was formed to address the grievances of warring parties – Senator Ike Ekwerenmadu is to head it. “He talked to us as a father.”

Meanwhile, the political theatrics unfolding in the national stage of the Nigerian political arena following the said colossal defeat of the PDP by the APC has become relentless in its display of eccentricities and absurdities amid the brewing implosion.

image…How Mu’azu and Metuh “Conned” Jonathan
The chairman of the PDP, Adamu Muazu and the publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh may be covering a dirty trail of embezzlement and potential financial crimes.

Before the PDP primaries, the PDP chairman and the publicity secretary worked in partnership – with the President. The duo was said to have had unfettered access to President Jonathan – and an uncharacteristic relationship with the number one citizen – that enabled them to convince the President to buy into virtually all of their programs and proposals – that netted financial gains in billions of Naira.

The President was almost held hostage my the duo. “Olisa Metuh never needed an appointment to go see the President, he would just drive to the office and call him on the way that he is coming to see him“. The source further added that Olisa Metu was the closest PDP member to President Jonathan – “most of the cash disbursements made to PDP or to other important stakeholders were done through Olisa Metu“. Sometimes amount in excess of $50million were remitted to Olisa Metu for unspecified special projects – of which only Olisa Metu, the President and a limited few were privy to the nature and purpose of the money remitted.

But following the fiasco of the PDP primary election, the President’s demeanor towards Olisa Metuh and Adamu Muazu changed. He turned away from them – and looked elsewhere for political structure and support. Olisa Metuh and Adamu Muazu were said to have turned the PDP primaries into a private cash bazaar – where PDP tickets were sold to the highest bidder.

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