Jonathan, You Are Not My Hero By Segun Dele Dipe

imageJonathan is no hero!
He almost destroyed this nation…die lo ku!
He completely mismanaged our resources…he saved nothing in the time of plenty and during the period of scarcity, he never reduced his government corruption! He allowed vultures to desecrate our treasury…yet he said ‘stealing is not corruption…’ He discredited everything about the election until the election itself discredited him! His campaign was brutal and unstatesmanly….his wife called Buhari brainless…..His wife asked the people to stone anyone who says ‘CHANGE’….She called the Northeners ‘born throway’ alumajiris! His spokesperson, FFK called the Northerners and indeed muslims ‘godless jihadists’……Okupe, Abati and Omokri almost destroyed the country with their dollarised tongues….All these nonsense in the presence of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan!
For six years, we have no light….no peace…no love…no job… encouragement….but irritation and pomposity from the cruel and selfish PDP!
When did he become a hero???? At the point of his arrest??? Did he apologize to us for all the rubbish he and his gang did? Did he apologize for killing hundreds of APC supporters in Rivers State??? Common! Did he not attmept to rig this election especially in the SE/SS? Jonathan has already been arrested by the masses of Nigeria and he is only sober because it is over.
Yes, he accepted the obvious and popular defeat….but what other option did he have?????? Gbagbo? Jonathan only played safe because the world is here and of course….AMERICA has known already.
Goodbye Ebele Jonathan……You are not my hero!

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