Kafilat Ogbara Dumps Jimoh Ibrahim…Quits National Mirror As MD

kafila n jimohThe Managing Director of National Mirror, Kafilat Ogbara, has resigned.

Ogbara resigned in circumstances that confirmed a face-off with the Publisher of the newspaper and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Group, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, though some sources said she was sacked.

The resignation comes one year after her appointment, which sparked off controversy in the organisation.

It was learnt that Ogbara could not cope with the reality of inconsistent salaries and loss of Ibrahim’s confidence.

Sources told The Eagle Online that among the numerous companies owned by Ibrahim, the media outfits appeared to be suffering the most.

As at now, staff of the National Mirror are being owed two months salary.

It was only reduced to two months outstanding a few weeks back.

It was learnt that part of what eventually led to the exit of Ogbara was a lecture and good governance dinner organised by National Mirror, which Ibrahim was not pleased with.

When Ogbara approached Ibrahim with the proposal for the lecture and dinner, the Chief Executive Officer of Energy Group was said to be initially opposed to it.

Ibrahim was said to have opposed the idea on the grounds that it was wrong to use the newspaper as a ground for soliciting for funds from politicians and others who would attend.

He nonetheless gave in to the proposal after the argument by Ogbara that with the Publisher not providing enough funding for the newspaper, there was the need to find alternative avenues.

Ibrahim was, however, said not to be pleased with the organisation of the lecture and dinner and complained bitterly about it.

Ogbara used the proceeds from the event to clear outstanding salaries up till October 2014.

Ibrahim was said to have complained that Ogbara was using her office to curry unethical favours from politicians.

It should be recalled that Ogbara belongs to the political class, even before joining National Mirror.

She had before the National Mirror job contested elective positions in both Lagos and Ogun States.

She gunned for the House of Representatives and governorship positions in Lagos and Ogun States respectively but failed before her employment by Ibrahim.

Ibrahim was also said to be displeased about several complaints against her on appropriation of advertisement commission by staff.

This became one of the major complaints by the staff during the Christmas party held at the Victoria Garden City Hotel, Lagos.

Ogbara also was displeased that Ibrahim had stopped funding the newspaper adequately.

This resulted in irregular salaries, printing challenges due to non maintenance of the press and loss of credibility of the newspaper following its alleged usage for political activities by Ibrahim.

It is learnt that Ogbara has now joined President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign train for 2015.

In her stead, a former Editor of Saturday Tribune, Sunday Olajide, has been appointed as Managing Director.

Olajide is the fifth Managing Director of National Mirror in five years.

So also has another experienced hand, Ayo Olesin, emerged as the Editor of National Mirror on Sunday.

Olesin replaces Kayode Fasua.

Via Eagle Online

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