Kwara APC Group Accuses PDP of Planning A Clampdown on Opposition

An All Progressive Congress (APC) group in Kwara State has accused the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of planning to manipulate the Nigeria Police and other security agencies into arresting it’s stakeholders ahead of the February General Elections in the state.

In a statement issued in Ilorin and signed by its director, Mr. Kayode Jimoh, The Kwara APC Advocacy Group accused the PDP of making sinister plans to use federal might to intimidate APC members. “We have gathered that the PDP plans to use the police to pick up our stakeholders just before the elections like they did during the Ekiti elections last year. Faced by certain defeat at all levels in Kwara State during the general elections, the opposition PDP has perfected plans to harass our members through police intimidation, threats and wicked deception. We understand the PDP has compiled a hit list of our members who will be arrested as part of a sinister campaign of intimidation”, said Jimoh.

The APC group also accused the PDP of planning to impersonate heads of securioty agencies through phone calls warning its supports to go underground to avpid arrest ahead of the elections.

Jimoh therefore called on the people of Kwara State to remain vigilant and resolute while refusing to fall for the PDP’s campaign of intimidation and violence. The group also called on the Police and other security agencies to resist any attempt by the PDP to use them for the actualization of its sinister plans in the state. Continuing, The Kwara APC group warned the PDP and its members to drop their sinister plans to intimidate APC members and cause destabilization in Kwara State before, during and after the general elections in Kwara State.

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