Kwara State Government To Establish Recycling Plant

As part of its efforts to address the increasing refuse situation in thestate, the Kwara State government is set to establish a recycling plant which will generate employment through the Waste to Wealth scheme

Kwara State Governor Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed stated this at a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Environment, led by the Commissioner, Otunba Taiwo Joseph. The Governor noted that the plant will include a sorting unit which will separate materials prior to their conversion into useable forms.

The Governor highlighted some environmental and economic benefits of waste recycling such as protection of the environment and saving of resources. He said recycling can increase production efficiency and reduce costs associated with purchasing raw materials and waste management. He also noted the potential of recycling to generate employment and boost economic development.

Governor Ahmed therefore charged the Ministry to focus strongly on waste disposal and the ability of the recycling plant to generate employment in the state. Furthermore, as a result of the growing incident of deforestation in the state, the Governor charged the ministry officials to align with the reforestation drive through robust policy, advocacy and raising the awareness of the people on the role forests play in natural ecological system.

Dr. Ahmed also met with officials of the Ministry of Solid Minerals led by the Commissioner, Hajia Fumilayo Oniwa. He charged them to focus on promoting small cottage industries where there is an existing market, and also to work closely with the state Ministry of Agriculture, to find local supply of agro products, so private industries can set up there.

The Governor noted his expectation that a lot of manufacturing will come to Kwara due to stricter border control measures and tariffs, which the Federal Government is set to implement shortly. He also expressed his hope that with the new swearing-in of Federal Ministers, the Federal Government will come up with a position on Mining, which should be driven with a Public Private Partnership approach.

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