KWSG Sets Up New Internal Revenue Service For IGR

imageA bill establishing the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KSIRS), which is authorized to collect and manage revenue on behalf of state government and local councils, has been signed into law by the State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed. The new law also repeals the edict establishing the State Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Speaking while signing the new law in his office, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed said Kwara State Internal Revenue Service is a corporate body with the sole responsibility for effective collection and management of state and local council revenue.

According to him, the establishment of KSIRS was necessitated by the need to reduce reliance on federally allocated revenue and raise additional revenue to ensure the state government continues to meet its obligations to the people.

Alhaji Ahmed added that while KSIRS will not be imposing fresh taxes on individuals and businesses in the state, the new service is authorized to assess and enforce payment of due taxes, levies, fees, and charges in the state.

Continuing, Governor Ahmed said the new law also establishes a State Joint Revenue Committee with the responsibility to harmonize tax administration in the state and deal with revenue matters of common interest to state and local government authorities.

Governor Ahmed also announced the establishment of a Revenue Court to tax defaulters and evaders as well all any individual or business that refuse to comply with the provision of the law.

Speaking on the fate of staff of the defunct BIR, Governor Ahmed said they had an option of remaining in KSIRS, transferring his service to core civil service or leaving the service.

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