Lagos House of Assembly As A Metaphor for Corruption and Unaccountability

Obasa v Sahara Reporters …….. time to act is now 

In normal climes the revelations flooding social media on allegations of corruption in the Lagos State House of Assembly presided over by the Speaker Rt Honourable Mudashiru Obasa would have led to public uproar and serious investigation by a Government whose slogan is anti-corruption. Sadly there is not a squeak from those who should be talking. 

There are number of questions flowing from these allegations that need to be urgently answered : 

 1. Where does the State Governor stand on these allegations after all he is the custodian of lagos tax payers money or is he complicit ? 

 2. Where is the office of the Lagos State Auditor-General on this matter or are they complicit ? 

 3. Who has been auditing LAHA’s finances and where are the reports of the audits if any  or are LAHA’s finances immune from oversight ? 

 4. Who scrutinises and reviews the audit reports of LAHA and are the reports made public ? 

 5. Who supervises and oversees the administration, audit and legal staff of LAHA or are they complicit ? 

 6. Where do the 39 other honourable members of LAHA stand on these allegations or are they complicit ? 

 7. Are funds allocated to LAHA, tax payers money or personal funds ? 

 8. Have the security services not taken public notice of these allegations backed up by documents circulating on social media? 

 9. Have the security services commenced any investigation into these allegations or are they complicit? 

 10. Does Mudashiru Obasa have immunity from investigation and prosecution or is he above the law ? 

 11. Are procurements at LAHA carried out in accordance with state procurements Law? 

 12. Does the global silence mean that the  allegations of impropriety and lack of transparency against LAHA also extend to other arms of the State Government like the executive, judiciary and local government ? 

The Lagos State Government as the centre of excellence needs to urgently answer these questions or lose its credibility as the No 1 State in Nigeria. 


Coalition for Protection of Taxpayers Fund 



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