Letter to Jimi Agbaje From Concerned Lagosian, Uchenna .C. Ujah

imageSays, Jimi Agbaje Should Desist From Making His Mandate An Igbo Agenda

Dear Jimi Agbaje,
I wish to use this channel to make this unambiguouslly clear. As an Igboman who has spent a good number of years in Lagos, I am very uncomfortable with all your gimmicks in this electoral season.
It is important you take full cognizance that the contest between you and Mr. Ambode of the APC is for the post of the Executive Governor of Lagos State and not for any other State located elsewhere. Therefore I frown at your divisive campaign strategy of pitching law-abiding non-indigenous residents in the State against the rest of the good people of Lagos.
If anything, the outcome of the just concluded Presidential Election that saw the kicking out of a sitting President who hinged his campaign on such divisive antics, should serve as a lesson for you. But most especially, I frown at your latest plot of making your support-base primarily an Igbo Agenda. It will interest you to know that I have no problem with any individual voting for you, but you colluding with Ifeanyi Uba, OPC and TAN to exploit and undermine the peaceful co-existence between Ndigbo and their Host Community for your personal agenda is totally unacceptable. This good relationship you see today, took generations to build – therefore we cannot keep silence and watch you tear it down.
Keep your campaign open to all and desist from sowing the seed of division. And we have not forgotten how you promised to collude with Militants in Niger Delta to sabotage the economy if Jonathan loses. At least now if there is any crisis in the creek, we know who to bring in for details about the plan to sabotage the economy of Nigeria.
I wish you well and also look forward to hear you call Ambode once the votes are counted this weekend just like President Jonathan did.
Please be wise!

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