Linda Ikeji’s Allegations: Sholaye Jeremi’s Friends Fight Back, Say He Never Had Any Relationship With Linda

+ Reveal How Popular Blogger Blackmailed Him With Pregnancy

When, yesterday, popular blogger, Linda Ikeji decided to go public with her purported affair with businessman, Solaye Jeremi, little did she know that she was igniting a fiery inferno that would ricochet through the entire society.  

Ikeji, who bought a Bentley Mulsanne to celebrate her son’s arrival last September, confessed that she had to tell her story despite that family and friends advised her to the contrary.

With her confirmation on Friday morning that oil and gas billionaire, Sholaye Jeremi, is the father of her new baby, Ikeji also addressed other issues relating to their purported affair. However, Sholaye’s friends have decided to reveal what actually transpired between Linda and their friend.

“Linda is silly to have written all that trash about a man who was never in love with her. We saw through her veneer of piety and pretence that she is just another desperate young lady who employed the oldest trick in the book— tie a potential suitor down with pregnancy, the sources close to Sholaye revealed.

Still referring to Linda’s post in her blog entitled ‘Meet my son Jayce…and yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad,’ which has since gone viral, Sholaye’s friends said:

“Linda desperately wove an incoherent story of how she met Sholaye, in one breath saying he lived in a three bedroom apartment in Lekki and in another saying he was a billionaire further lending credence to the insinuations that she just wanted to be Mrs Jeremi by all means and crudely deployed old feminine wiles to achieve that but in vain.”

Tracing the genesis of her relationship with the Delta State-born billionaire to one night in December 2015 shortly after moving into her Banana Island mansion and how they hit it off almost immediately, Linda wrote, “I was definitely searching and I fell in love almost immediately and so we became an item…It was a whirlwind romance. He was the funniest and most romantic guy I’d met up until that point, so it was easy to fall in love and I truly believed the feeling was mutual.” She went on to describe how one thing led to the other and ‘she fell pregnant’ even though the relationship had gone south. Linda welcomed a son whom she named Jayce Jeremi three months ago.

“Predictably, Linda’s post is the trending topic on all social media platforms – an uproar borne out of the song and dance she made of her alleged celibacy. With many Nigerians weighing in on the matter, the man in the middle of the storm, Sholaye Jeremi, a private man who despite his wealth and connections, had always opted to remain anonymous, until his life was brought under public scrutiny by the blogger. Even now, he would rather prefer to keep quiet.

“What Jeremi and Linda had was just a fling – a typical case of boy meets girl, just that in this case, there was a very desperate party. Jeremi was just out to have fun and there was not supposed to be any commitment or emotional attachment. But Linda had her plans from the moment she set eyes on him.”

“When Linda came up with the pregnancy tale and stormed his house, weeping and begging, Jeremi had to be diplomatic about it because he didn’t want to create a scene.

“He told her point-blank how disappointed he was and that if she was trying to lure him into marriage, she had another think coming. That was when Linda began to plead and blackmail him. Initially, she said it was a taboo from her part of Imo State to have a child outside wedlock. Later, she said Jeremi should just meet her father to assure him that he is the owner to save them from shame and what the world would think of her after she had deceived a lot of young girls about her pious life.”

“I am privy to the fact that Linda has been begging him to just accept paternity of the baby. And she herself confessed that she knew he was not in love with her neither did they talk about marriage but since she was pregnant, abortion was out of the question because of her age. Now, Jeremi feels used and I don’t know how the matter can ever be settled because what they had was not supposed to lead to this – it was more of a one night-stand tryst. So, all the emotion she is whipping up is to sway her gullible followers,” the sources said.

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  1. Oh dear. Does Linda need all these noise? My advice to her is to thank God for the son He gave her and move on. Or is it the money and fame that’s central to her?

    Move on now. Many people still love and respect you out there even as miss.

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