Man Commits Suicide Over Star Wars Main Character Being “Black”

imageNorth Carolina – Authorities have indicated that a 53-year-old Caucasian male was found dead, with a suicide note that read, “Make America White Again.”

Today, fans found out that the main character in the upcoming Star Wars film, set to be released in December, will be played by African-American actor John Boyega. Die-hard fans, especially those who appear to have racist views, expressed their disappointment with Boyega as the main character in Star Wars VII.

Bobby-Jo Garrison, 53, of Charlotte was known by friends and family as a hardcore Star Wars fanatic. His wife, Sarah Garrison was also a Star Wars fan, as both attended comic con every year dressed as storm troopers. According to reports, Mrs. Garrison arrived at her residence at approximately 5:15 P.M. when she discovered her husband, unresponsive in his home office.

According to Mrs. Garrison, “After I found my husband slumped over in his chair, I ran over to him to see if he was okay. When he did not respond to me, I checked to see if he was sleeping and that is when I saw that he was not breathing. I called 911 and I tried to give him CPR until the ambulance arrived. After a few attempted, I notice a bottle of an empty bottle of Percocets on his desk. I then saw a note near the bottle which said “Make American White Again” When I opened the letter, that is when I found out he committed suicide.”

According to authorities, when the EMS and police arrived at the scene, Mr. Garrison was pronounced dead. Officer Jenkins retrieved the suicide note from Mrs. Garrison which mentioned an issue Garrison had with the main character of Star Wars being black.

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