Mantu Spoke The Truth, Every Election In This Country Was Rigged – Okupe

Doyin Okupe, a former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, has stated that all elections in the history of Nigeria have been rigged, with all political parties involved in the act.

Okupe said this in reaction to the confession of Ibrahim Mantu, a former deputySenate President, that he helped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rig elections in the past.

Although, the PDP has since denied the allegation, Okupe, via his Facebook page, said Mantu “spoke as a true compatriot” and should not be misrepresented.

According to him, Mantu’s open admittance to having rigged elections, makes him a true hero.

“For the avoidance of doubt, ALL elections are RIGGED in Nigeria from 1959 to date, without ANY exceptions,” Okupe wrote.

“This rigging is all-encompassing and involves all political parties from action group, NCNC, NPC to NRC, SDP, PDP, AD, ACN, CPC AND APC.

“If anyone says anything to the contrary, such persons are wilfully perjured individuals and the true enemies of progress in Nigeria. Mantu spoke as a true patriot who desires true and genuine change.

“Suddenly the substance of his honest disposition is lost to partisan blame game that has not advanced our course of history in any way.

“People like Ibrahim Mantu and late President Yaradua who even openly admitted that the election that brought him to power was faulty, are heroes of this country.”

Okupe asked how anyone could claim that only the PDP rigged elections in Nigeria, when according to him, only ruling parties emerge as winners in gubernatorial election.

“How can anybody claim that only PDP rigs elections in Nigeria?” he asked.

“Parties in Nigeria rig both intra and interparty elections from wards through local governments all the way to National elections from time immemorial.

“Are we not witnesses to the undeniable fact that in all state elections, no matter how civilized, innocuous or God-fearing the state governors pretend to be, all state elections, No matter the political party involved, are won by the ruling party in the state 100%.

“For a truth, it is only in the southwest and a few other zones that a modicum resemblance to an election actually do take place. in most other parts of the country.

“Nothing like elections take place or better still the charade of people lining up and casting their votes is just a mere ritual that has nothing to do with the results announced.

“It is in our overall interest that we take what Mantu said seriously and for posterity sake, let us sit down and plan how to conduct proper free and fair elections in our country.

“Democracy is mocked if people have the right to vote but their votes do not count.”

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