Missing Housewife Traced To Brothel 3 Months After

A housewife and mother of two, who disappeared from her husband’s house along Baga road in Maiduguri, Borno State, for over three months has been traced to a brothel where she has allegedly stayed as a sex worker.
The woman, said to have left behind her two children and her husband, was reported to have dressed up one evening and left the house on the pretext of going to buy something in a provision store. Since then she had failed to return or make contact until more than three months later when the husband caught up with her.
A Civilian JTF man who assisted in tracking the runaway mother of two, Kabiru Skido, said he was checking vehicles along Baga market road when the husband of the woman ran to him and requested that he should stop a commercial Keke NAPEP that was approaching them.
“I stopped the oncoming Keke NAPEP when suddenly the man ran to one of them and started dragging a woman out. My colleagues and I intervened to know what was happening. He explained that the woman was his wife and that he traced her to a brothel behind the market but rather than follow him home, she jumped into a Keke NAPEP and was about to escape once again.
“The woman suddenly started shouting saying “yes, you are not taking good care of me. I have to go and find something to take care of myself.” When we realised that they were about to raise a crowd around us and at a time they started talking in their local Igbo language, we invited an elderly Igbo businessman from the market, called Pa Okoro, who came and took them away,” he said.
When contacted, Pa Okoro said the woman told him that her husband had not been giving her pocket money and that he also refused to set up business for her. This, she said, forced her going to the brothel to raise some money for her upkeep.
“I invited some elders that joined me in settling them and she has returned back to the husband’s house. It is now left for him to know how to take care of her or she will go back and be seeing other men again. If you do not know how to feed your dog very well, it will certainly feed from the garbage,” he said.

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