Missing Soldiers Return, Join Units-Army

imageThe Nigeria army spokesman Colonel Sani Usman in a statement late Thursday night said soldiers missing after a Boko Haram attacks in Gudumbali and Kareto in Borno State have rejoined their units.
Earlier on Thursday, media reports said some 105 soldiers went missing in action ‎after they engaged Boko Haram terrorists.

Usman’s statement described the incident as a slight setback for the Nigerian troops operating in the Northern Borno State towns of Gudumbali and Kareto, saying, the situation was being stabilized.

He added that “The troops have re-joined their units for further action.”‎

He said: “earlier media reports were exaggerated. The CO (Commanding Officer) is currently with his soldiers.”‎

Such minor setbacks are common in military operations, Usman said.

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