Money Ritual Gone Wrong, By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

Bidemi works at a Federal agency. She is 42. With biological clock ticking away, she is in desperate need of a spouse. As it is for men and women her age, finding a good partner is like hunting for mountain goat. She has prayed and observed fasts to banish the spirit of “pick and drop” also known as amubọ.

Naturally, when she met Wale. It felt like an answered prayer. Their romance blossomed and she was hopeful he might be the one. Wale was all over her. In turn, she showed him off. He appeared happy, loving and caring. Her friends were happy for her, she was bwyong ecstatic. In the last few months, Wale has paid several visits to Bidemi at her modest Abeokuta apartment. He was in no rush to touch her or push her for more intimacy. His very calm and loving demeanor further cemented his credentials as a good man. Everyone loved that he was tender and protective.

Over the years, Bidemi has climbed her way up at work. She is comfortable. Wale is a project manager at work. He is 43. What more? The only worry she nursed, is the ability to conceive fast, given her age. As she made her way into his modest apartment at Magboro, all what was on her mind was the first time. She wanted it, she’s prepared for it. Wale, has bid his time. This was all he has planned. She walked into it her self. He has picked out the perfect prey and taken so much time lying in wait. Now is the time to make a run for it. It is crunch time and the execution must be flawless.

The music played, he’s ordered drinks and stocked the refrigerator. The payoff, is expected to dwarf the investment. The sheets were crisp, clean and the pillows were supple. The pace of their breath quickened, they rolled, grunted and moaned. He stepped out to have a cup of cold water and she went to the bathroom to freshen up. On her return, she ran her palm on the bedsheet to straighten the rumples and felf a few bumps. What was that? She peeled of the sheet to find an underlying white sheet with strange tiny objects sown in. She covered it up quickly, sat on the bed, in total discomfiture. Within seconds, she looked under the bed and saw a white bowl half filled with water.

She spent two more hours hatching escape plans, completely bewildered. She called Bisi and lied to her. I’m with my mum she said; please call pretending to be my boss. Bidemi can be heard saying; “I’m sorry Sir. I will be there shortly Sir…” While at the table she barely ate. Wale noticed and asked if she was okay and she said; the unexpected call from the office ruined my mood. She had to leave to be on the Governor’s convoy to a function. She tucked the sheet neatly in her bag, made the bed nicely and bolted.

The founder of KFC, the famous Colonel Sanders loved chicken. Wale loved Bidemi for the yield. Obviously, he was not satisfied with sweating it out on projects and earning a decent living. He decided to jazz it up. Bidemi recognizable the motifs of satanic rituals and occultic symbols on the white sheet. She was terrified. After she left, Wale was stunned she made away with the sheet. How could she ask her? He was frantic and restless. The prey is gone! He has called five times asking if she took the bedsheet. She denied and asked him why would she take it. He knows she took it, she knows she is one degree away from being “used”. She’s playing it safe, there is use for confrontation. This is a life and death solution. She hasn’t been to work in two weeks. She is church shopping, looking for answers… Has the spell been cast? Stay tuned!

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